Inkagames – Katy Perry Rescue

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Katy Perry Rescue is the latest Point’n’click, Puzzle game from Inkagames.

The famous singer Katy Perry has been kidnapped by an evil mummy.

Help Cody Jones rescue her!

Have fun!

By White Wolf

current rating 4.20


23 Comments to Inkagames – Katy Perry Rescue

  1. Jonhk says:


  2. Euhan says:

    I am presently stuck with Anubis.
    Things that I have found out that might help someone:



    Doodels in burial chamber:Show


    • Ed says:

      I too am stuck with Anubis. the cat statue seems to be involved there but Show

      • Ed says:

        I too am stuck with Anubis. the cat statue seems to be involved there but

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      • Jonhk says:

        you should deal with the Mummy first


        cat statue is a statue but not a cat…….


      • Ed says:

        Thanks Jonhk. Was wondering about how to open that door :)

  3. Ed says:

    Stuck again. Can’t find the gems that go into the 3 holes in the wall. Thought they might be in the chest but if so, I don’t know where to put it down.

  4. jon says:

    for those stuck on the cat statue beat the mummy,then go in the next room place the cat statue in the middle of the symbol of life,it becomes a cat then use the tap to blacken the cat then use it to scare anubis

  5. alex says:

    how do i beat the yeti?

  6. Calum says:


  7. Calum says:

    Got it now dont worry!

  8. Jadie says:

    How do you beat anubis

  9. katie says:

    never mind :)

  10. Ammyyyyy says:

    How do you blacken the cat statue? When you click on the tap it says we need to do something first, what is that?

  11. great says:

    amy take a picture of the mummy then pull the tissue behind him then the door will open there click the spot the ”circle of life” put satue there then go outside use tap on white cat to turn it black then scare anubis

  12. Mystery Person says:


    For Skeleton part,Put the camel down then throw the stone and the camel like you did the first time!

  13. daniel says:

    i’ve put the gems in, the door doesnt open and the woulnt come out!!! what to do??? help!!!

  14. WannaKnowMan says:

    Please, anyone give me the full walkthrough without the video!!