Gotmail – Recreation Escape

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Recreation Escape is the latest Room Escape game released at Gotmail, where you can play all IDAC’s games.

For an unknown reason unless you read Japanese, you find yourself locked in what’s look like a hotel room…

In Japanese only.

You must register at to play the game (if you are not already a member of Gotmail). If you don’t want to register, enter email address [email protected] with password pwdgotmail

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 3.85


4 Comments to Gotmail – Recreation Escape

  1. Denise says:

    have the paint brush, frog with crown, lady statue, lighter, paper clip (used), and some kind of blue charger (used). O yea found plague with triangle and square on it. (used). I need help….anyone?

  2. Mostarka says:

    I have the same things. How did you take the frog? And where did you use the plague?

  3. YY says:

    out. not too hard.