Hoshi Saga 2

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Hoshi Saga 2Hoshi Saga 2After the success of Hoshi Saga, author Yoshio Ishii of Japan brings us a sequel, Hoshi Saga 2!

The concept of this new puzzle game remains the same: find the star in each of the 25 main levels and unlock 11 extra levels by completing rows and columns that appear on the main page of the game.

The graphics remains in black and white, and once again, if a lot of levels are easy to complete, a few of them are quid hard and difficult. An automatic save function allows you to leave the game and come back to it later.

If you liked Hoshi Saga, there is no doubt you will enjoy Hoshi Saga 2 as well!

Have fun!

Hoshi Saga 2 walkthrough (thanks Pechee and Xoke!)
Hoshi Saga 2 video walkthrough!

By Eric

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79 Comments to Hoshi Saga 2

  1. mar says:

    I CANT DO 68 will some1 plz help

  2. KittyKunt says:

    A lot of patience is needed for level 70. That and a half decent mouse. LoL

  3. Lizzie says:

    On level 49 the bomb dosent apear, it works on other computers but not mine I dont know why. I have been stuck on this level for days! Please help its the only level I need to do unlock the other levels and compleet the game

    • BethAAC says:

      you have to go the level above it on the menu and find the bomb, and then go back into it and click on the bomb :) hope it helped

  4. cutiepies says:

    almost cracked it….. that and my brain :p lols any1 please go screenshots for lvl 61 its drivin me crazy lol thanx

  5. blah says:

    I BEAT 40, just wiggle your mouse up and down over the right hand girl and you will get a nice pervy japanese surprise heh heh

  6. MDerek says:

    LEVEL 40

  7. yahooo says:

    40 –> you must to lift a skirt…just clik on teh third girl’s skirt and lift it up

  8. jojo says:

    i need help on 68 :/

  9. Kirsty says:

    where is the the star on level 41? i cant find it anywhere hehe xxx

  10. sarah says:

    whare is the star on level 70

  11. gargarela says:

    Lvl 47 -The glasses. To me the correct pattern was :

  12. >_ says:

    Can someone please helpme with 49 >_<

  13. Lidee says:

    I REALLY need help with levels 61 and 62 :( Don’t understand it AT ALL :/

  14. please help me! says:

    my computer wont play music for level 47 ! I need the pattern to the glasses!

    • charlottw says:

      what it is…..
      glasses in numbers

      hope it helps ya

  15. Teodora says:

    please help me at level 61 !!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!

  16. iNdY says:

    How do you do stage 69 driving me nuts!

  17. Tater says:

    It is hard to beat.

  18. hyiuh; says:

    help with 49 please show me

  19. Just Me says:

    Can someone please help with level 68? It’s the only one that I need!