Yuria’s Room 3

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Yuria's Room 3After Yuria’s Room and Yuria’s Room 2, the third installment in the Japanese Yuria’s Room series is live. Yuria’s Room 3 is probably more difficult than the previous ones, and the language barrier could be an issue: you’ve been forewarned! Have fun!

By Eric

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20 Comments to Yuria’s Room 3

  1. Evi says:

    well first again,let’s play!

  2. Evi says:

    hm!i don’t speek japanise haha!i’m greek!

  3. darkman says:

    not working ?????

    i mean the game is it me or every 1????

  4. anat says:

    translation, please……!

  5. Polpo says:

    not working for me too

  6. Louis says:

    que pesado, not working

  7. foodle face says:

    not working

  8. Sven says:

    I have found a few items but now i´m stuck.

  9. Sergio says:

    I’ve found:

  10. Sergio says:

    there is a key hanged on the ceiling above the table but i don’t know how to take it

  11. Slug says:


  12. Sergio says:

    the correct order of the balls is:

  13. anat says:

    the number combination is:


  14. Ant says:

    i dont get the calender puzzle…help…

  15. Ann says:

    Thanks for the walkthrough Sergio……I would have never finished it without help…Ann

  16. Ann says:

    Put the numbers in the opposite calender…..you will get the red key to open the draw to get the knife to cut the picture……..Show

  17. otacsaf says:

    thanks for the help on the ball sequence… but how in the world did you come up with that? :)

  18. KAOS says:


  19. Alexa Karuda says:

    Here is a translation of the pieces of paper I’ve managed to find:

    Black is in one corner
    Purple is below Brown
    Red and Blue are not in the same row/column
    Brown is further left than Black
    Yellow, Blue, and Green are in a row/column

    Hope that helps! (Dunno if there are additional pieces of paper, though. I suspect there may be.)

  20. Alexa Karuda says:

    One thing to note about translation: ‘row/column’ is more literally translated as ‘line.’ Just FYI.