Armor – Sequester

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Sequester is a story type Platform, Riddle game from Armor Games by Antony Lavelle.

Enter the dark mind of a nameless young boy as he dreams of his sister, who is deceased and stuck between this life and the next.

What is holding her to this world, and what could her brother do about it even if he knew?

Have fun!

By White Wolf

current rating 3.75


4 Comments to Armor – Sequester

  1. Raika says:

    Nice little game. Some of the levels were just frustrating and I skipped but most of them I took the time to figure out.

  2. tommy says:

    Great game! Lovely and unique graphics/game mechanics. Always nice to see something different.

  3. Chloe says:

    didn’t really get the story, but overall, it was fun.

  4. Purpleplushie says:

    ok I think I’ve worked out the story…