Himatubu 2

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Himatubu 2Himatubu 2Himatubu 2 is the sequel to Himatubu, a short and easy Room Escape game from Japan released last April. You will find a few differences with the original: the most noticeable is the color of the furniture!

Other than that, you are still stuck in a room without any windows and the door is… locked!

Just like with the original, you don’t need to read Japanese here and it shouldn’t take long before you leave the room, unless once again you use the brute force to open the blue box!

Click the items in your inventory to use them.

Hint: the Tab key is still your friend!

Have fun!

Update: Himatubu 2 walkthrough in comment #26 (thanks dog!)

By Eric

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27 Comments to Himatubu 2

  1. Frost says:


  2. blckmgk says:

    Found the following but need help with….


  3. blckmgk says:

    *should have.

    Evidently grammar is not my forte either.

  4. blckmgk says:

    Now have…


  5. blckmgk says:

    and done. not bad afterall

  6. viv says:

    Please where is screwdriver

  7. NetMonster says:

    Out! :D

  8. viv says:

    i have :


  9. darkman says:

    how can i solve the numbers????

  10. darkman says:

    help how??????

  11. Totenkopf says:

    tab works!

  12. NetMonster says:

    About the codes, for the safe inside the cupboard, Show

    I think it turned out to be Show

    and for the safe on the wall, first you have to Show

    the diagram is actually Show

    so you go there and Show

    and then Show

    but I don’t remember the exact code.

  13. darkman says:

    what do u mean????

    whats the code

  14. viv says:

    I’m Out!

  15. darkman says:

    how did u know that the code is Show

  16. viv says:


  17. darkman says:

    im out!!

  18. Matt says:

    Can someone shed some light on the safe code? Any hints as to where the code is?

  19. goldie says:

    What is de code on the floor,i don’t get it.
    Greet from Holland.

  20. goldie says:


  21. anna says:

    The code for the safe in the wall is


  22. anat says:

    it took me forever to understand this..

    above the door there’s a blew key, with this key you can open the safe… and thats where you need the second code

  23. cookie says:

    can somone post a walkthrough

  24. dog says:

    I have,

  25. dog says:


    Cheers from Australia

  26. Rei says:

    What is the code of the box in the cabinet? :O