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Throw MeThrow MeThrow me is the latest game created by Tom Thorton, the author of the recently released Thor Towers.

“Use your mouse to throw the little alien thing as far as you can, and press the spacebar for a limited boost when you get in trouble”.

I’m usually not a huge fan of distance type games, but this one is very well made: nice presentation, good interactivity, several obstacles and boosters, and each game takes a long time to play, unlike most games of this type.

Fun and highly addictive, Throw Me is a huge time waster: expect about 15 minutes to achieve a distance of 200,000 ft!

Have fun!

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By Eric

current rating 3.00


35 Comments to Throw Me

  1. mjn says:

    reaaaaaaaaaaaaaally fun game
    imagine u were the 1 flying al over the place

    i reached :
    max height 6301
    max distance 52608

    and then i got board

  2. Duero says:

    Man, the hilly terrain on the gruond kills me every time. I could be coming in at like 600-700 mph and hit the back of a hill and it instantly shoots me backwards ending my flight. But regardless of that, it’s all about the boosts.

    Max Height: 7624
    Max distance: 86672

  3. Duero says:

    Woot, new record.

    Height: 7710
    Distance: 106057

  4. Duero says:

    Dang, final flight of the day was lookng great, till i hit that dang hill.

    New Height record: 10447

  5. Xoke says:

    Height 4183
    Distance 115819

    New record?

  6. ben says:

    hey eric is there a glitch because you cant submit you score my score was 200000
    so i try to submit and it said retry try to fix this

  7. mookie says:

    height 4443

  8. Eric says:

    ben – Try the original link, I’m sure it works there!

  9. ben says:

    eric thanks

  10. redd says:

    Height 6437
    distance 173176

  11. yoda says:

    woowww new record!! dist. 216842!!

  12. foodle face says:

    at some height like 7000
    it says almost there
    what is there?

  13. Mike says:

    Got over 155,000 distance. The initial toss doesn’t matter so much as the boost power-bar timing later on. You can press the spacebar midflight to open up balloons, use the balloons to float into either a dark cloud or one of the wrecking balls, and press space again when the powerbar is maxed out. My URL has screenshots of my high scores, plus a glitch discovery that made me go 20,000mph (no joke).

  14. Burneyy says:

    i dont know exactly the nubers but i had a height of about 14000 but only 60000 at distance

  15. doodles says:

    I can confirm the glitch that Mike found – my max speed went over 15,000 mph and on top of that I managed to hit one of those colored clouds Show

    that lets you get a boost – a once-in-a-lifetime perfect hit on the spacebar and the power meter went off the scale so I ended up over 200,000 feet, 240,000 distance by the time I was done – took a bad bounce when I re-entered at 500 mph and it ended the game.
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  16. doodles says:

    Correction to my previous post – over 20,000 feet, NOT 200,000.

  17. Zhor says:

    Hmmm dunno wht went wrong but hmmm seriusly no once gonna believe me :D

    Max Height : 375410
    Max Distance : 430500 and still going :S

  18. Zhor says:

    Hmmm i think the hights are messed now lol… -1million and continuing

  19. IntroX says:

    Some how I dont believe Zhor got that much… My height record was 12750.. and I played for 15 minutes. 83842 distance. I think he’s lying.

  20. Ze_Dumbzor says:

    Height: 13443
    Distance: 39902

    Heres how I got it: I held the left mouse button and began to drag it off the game screen where it made the bouncing noises, feel free to let go of the mouse by then. If you let go at the perfect moment, you would reach 1500+ and if lucky, you’d hit the booster. If you time it perfectly, you’d see that the red bar would go PAST the border, giving you even more boost. Now, with the extra boost, you’d reach 2000+ speed and by now, you’d probably have more than 10000 distance.

  21. Ze_Dumbzor says:

    Height: 11395
    Distance: 71165

    Heres how I got it: I got lucky and did the samething I always did

  22. herezt says:

    my top height is CA- 17000 and lenght around 200000 and my max speed is…. 2300!

  23. da junk oe says:

    mines is



  24. sasha says:


    Max height: 160.072
    Max Distance: 199.001
    Max Speed: over 45.000
    Total Points: 359.073

    That’s good!

  25. jepy says:

    The game is too slow. It takes way too long, where you are just sitting there waiting while it is flying. That’s boring. Framerate is too low too.

  26. jepy says:

    I like the graphics and the idea though.

  27. theMan says:

    This game is so damn buggy.
    Sometimes when I play, and hit a crain or cloud, the powermeter doesn’t show, or shows really weird, and sometimes get 2000 miles per hour speed. One time I got 25000 (25 thousand!!!) mph.

    Nice idea and graphics though. I hate the music. Please make a way to mute the music, without muting the sound effects!

  28. theMan says:


    Take the mouse pointer out of the game screen on the left, move it around the game and into the game on the right, but press space just after the pointer goes into the game screen.

  29. theMan says:

    Here’s an easy way to get 2000 mph when throwing. First, hold the left mouse button. This allows you to take it outside of the game screen. Then just swing it from side to side, and let go at the right moment. Swinging it several times from side to side, stretched the “rubberband” and gives it high speeds.

    I have no idea what Ze_Dumbzor did. I don’t get any bouncing noises.

  30. Dude, I’m so frustrated. I did this like awesome record and then my computer crashed….!!!

    My stats were:

    Max height: 668.349
    Max Distance: 729.199

    The best about that: He was still falling at that time, and still in the black sky. Had still 2/3 of my stamina, so who knows what else I would have achieved with that throw!?

    Anyway, I took a photo with my blackberry of the screen, just to remember my glorious victory.. :-)

  31. Wetjet says:

    You’ve really gotta sling that mouse back and forth about 10 or so times and let go just at the right angle. If you do it right, you should be near 3800 mph, maybe even more. Then, as soon as you let go, start taping space really fast so if you are lucky enough to hit a boost cloud, you may get the max boost, which will send you to about 20,000 feet. My personal best so far is 183544 feet.

    The only thing about going so high, is when you come back down, you are going WAY too fast, and unless you hit another boost cloud, you chances of hitting the wrong side of a hill are pretty good and you’ll start going backwards… GAME OVER!

    The game shouldn’t automatically end if you go backwards, only if you come to a full stop.

  32. austin says:

    MAX HEIGHT 39,293

  33. Bob says:

    I think the game clitched… but I had a max height of 800533 and a max distance of 865964

  34. bob says:

    lol i rule at this game


  35. reve_deschyle says:

    I can’t get the spacebar to release the alien in the game what am I doing wrong? I just swing it around and press space.