Submachine 2

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Mateusz Skutnik (a.k.a. Murtaugh), a Flash developer and graphic designer from Poland, has just released a sequel to Submachine.

The first episode was launched in September 2005 and upgraded a month later. It’s an easy Room Escape game, with logical puzzles and 20 rooms to explore, perfect for beginners who are not really familiar with this kind of games.

In this sequel, The Lighthouse, the author has improved almost everything. More rooms to explore (98 instead of 20), more puzzles to solve, 20 hidden secrets to find (look closely everywhere!), and of course, due to this bigger, with 98 rooms to explore, tricky puzzles and 20 secrets (small red balls) hidden everywhere and usually hard to find (look closely).

Due to all these improvements and with its particular style emphasized by attractive graphics and nice sound effects, Submachine 2 is an excellent new Room Escape game, even with a few minor glitches here and there.

I’m looking forward to seeing what Murthaugh will implement in the third installment of Submachine series!

Submachine Submachine Submachine 2 Submachine 2

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Update: walkthroughs in comments #2 and #3.

Update: Submachine 2 video walkthrough!

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  1. Jovis says:

    how do you get the last key for the one by the window? and also what do you use the id card for?