SSSG – Space Crystal

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Supper Sneaky Spy Guy: Space Crystal is the latest Adventure from Selfdefiant.

Sneaky is on a new mission searching for a stolen space crystal.

The space crystal is very important and if it falls into the wrong hands the world is in danger.

Have fun!

By White Wolf

current rating 4.38


2 Comments to SSSG – Space Crystal

  1. Genie says:

    Nice game as always. These time no Show

    Out with sneaky coin.

    • Genie says:

      Walkthrough (of sorts):
      Entrance: Show

      Up: Show

      Colour code: Show


      Right(K): Show

      Right(L): Show

      Left*3(I): Show

      Up and Left(H): Show

      Left(G): Show

      Up(N): Show

      Down, right and Up(O): Show

      Right(T), Up(X), Up(Z): Show

      Right(AB): Show

      Left, Down*3, Left, Up(W): Show

      Return to G(down*3, Left): Show


      Right*3, Up(Q): Show

      Return to W(down*3, left*2, up*3): Show

      Return to H(down*3): Show

      Return to B(right, down): Show

      Bedroom A: Show

      Dot pattern: Show

      Return to Q(right, up, right, up): Show

      Bedroom P: Show

      Number code: Show

      Return to G(right, down, left*3): Show

      Bedroom F: Show

      Left(E): Show

      Return to L(right*7): Show

      Bedroom M: Show

      Down(D): Show

      Return to Q(up, left*3, up): Show

      Bedroom R: Show

      Up(V): Show

      Right(R again): Show