TimeFall – The Curse Of The Clock

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The Curse Of The Clock is the latest Room Escape game from TimeFall.

“The clocks in this room are cursed, so make your way out before time stops!”

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 3.36

2 Comments to TimeFall – The Curse Of The Clock

  1. P says:

    Possibly the easiest one yet.

  2. Reka says:

    I was totally stuck on the drawer that says “clock” for the longest time.

    And of course, as with Abroy’s games, Timefall’s also suffer greatly from the “though shalt use each tool only once, and only where I tell you to” syndrome. “No crowbars” really ought to be the first thing they teach room escape designers, because the minute you provide a crowbar but don’t allow it to be used to pry open the door, you’ve ruined all chances for suspension of disbelief. (The same goes for axes, of course, and Timefall tends to include both.)

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