Escape Green Room

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Escape Green RoomEscape Green RoomAfter Escape Library, Escape Pink Room and Escape Magenta Room, here is Escape Green Room, the latest Russian Room Escape game created by PaskaPet from 2keysgames.

“Your best friend locked you in his room because you think you can escape any room. If you think you have the skills to escape the green room then play your buddy’s game!”

I wonder what color the next room escape game from PaskaPet will be ;-)

Have fun!

Update: Escape Green Room walkthrough in comment #10 (thanks ringy8680 and Roger!)

By Eric

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210 Comments to Escape Green Room

  1. help me says:

    got all boxes exept 2 of em. on a website it says u av to pop a stool open????????????????

  2. DNOMN8R says:

    @help me:

  3. Shadowstorm says:

    I can’t guess what this damb game is about!!!

  4. LOST AND DAZED says:

    i cant use the key on the door with the bolt, the handle goes down and nothing happens someone help

  5. TALULA says:

    help i cant figure out how too pop the stool with the crowar!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Neko Meekis says:


    YESH xD xP hope this help ya!

  7. Ellie says:

    i can’t open the vent no matter what I do!!!

  8. JDlvr25 says:

    you have to move the chair Show

  9. ... says:

    If anybody was wondering what all the green text said at the end, here:

    I hope I helped cure at least one person’s curiosity. :)

  10. jan says:

    how do I get back to the game I started .. there’s no save & exit !