Pinch Hitter 2

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Pinch Hitter 2Pinch Hitter 2After the success of Pinch Hitter, Mousebreaker’s team launched Pinch Hitter 2 last July and it became an instant hit.

Your challenge in this Baseball game is to take a player all the way from The Sandlot, through the Little League, to the glory and floodlights of Major League Baseball.

While many players complained that PH2 needed an easier type of play and disliked it, many others loved it and kept hooked for hours!

If you didn’t already play Pinch Hitter 2 and if you want to make your own opinion, you know what to do…

Have fun!

By Eric

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125 Comments to Pinch Hitter 2

  1. jt says:

    I can’t figure it out

  2. brendan says:

    i just beat the game and somehow on my first try i beat the world series but level 9 took 40 min and nicks tip on Nov 26 is very good.

  3. Maggs says:

    mmm fun i guess but it gets pretty hard to start hitting all the hr’s which are basically needed to move on to the next level. so if you arent patient and don’t want to spend some hours maybe beating the whole game … i wouldnt recommend it….

  4. Yankees rock says:

    Finally did it, took my about 4 days of playing. number 9 is the hardest, 10 is very easy. This is an awesome game, Hope they make a new version..

  5. Brad says:

    I just finished the game. Tips 24 and 30 really work.

  6. Right,Back to back home runs meen u have to hit 2 home runs like one after another. to hit a home run u have to hit it past the barrier on the first level(the chalked border on the wall) on the second one u have to hit it over the fence and the third one you have to hit into the crowd. if u dont know wot it means wen it says get no strikes or outs then your a complete dumb ass.

  7. brett says:

    wooo i beat it. keeping the bat pretty level with the dirt or a little higher seems to work for me. swinging late is good as well for getting the guys to one side

  8. nate says:

    beat it in about an hour… the key to beating to world series is to hit singles on the ground to left and right center till you get the bases loaded. then go for the grand slam ; )

  9. Kayla says:

    I do like this game but I can’t get past level 5. No matter how hard I try I can’t get the stupid homerun. Any tips?

  10. Kayla says:

    Yea this game gets old after you spend an hour on it or more. I’m bored so I’m just going to give up.

  11. fred says:

    how on earth can I hit the ball to left field? every time i hit it it goes to right or center

  12. phil says:

    damn.. lv9 is very frustating!!!!

    I nearly got 20000 but when my ball got caught, my points was decreased.. shit!

  13. MaRkO says:

    this game is so addicting….im on task 9, and i cant beat it for the life of me….damn home runs


    oh, and i agree with someone not knowing what no outs or strikes means…..dumbass

  14. fart giggleburp says:

    Just beat Level 9 after about 50 tries. Hitting the ball with the end of the bat really works. Hit 4 HRs, one for 8,000 points and was on my way.

  15. Grant says:

    easy game only difficult part is at the no strike/out and b2b homers on lvl 8
    i beat the game

  16. Paul says:

    I just beat the whole game in 45 minutes. Whoever said to hit it with the tip of the bat is the reason. I couldn’t get past level 4 without that hint but once i started doing that I breezed through the levels

  17. fred says:

    this is the cheat code Show

  18. Matty says:

    To hit home runs, try to hit the very bottom of the ball with the thickest part of the bat. You have to anticipate where the ball will go and swing as late as possible. The World Series is one of the easiest stages if you hit the ball away from the fielders!

  19. will says:

    where do you put the bat for more homeruns

  20. a person says:

    if u combine the hitting the bottom of the of the ball and the tip of the bat u get a home run all most every time

  21. bobby says:

    what is the code?

  22. Jeff Bruce says:

    holding shift helps hit homeruns

  23. Nick says:

    This game is actually very easy. To hit homeruns, just wait for the pitch, and line up the top right of the square with the bottom of the ball. It should go to right field and over the wall almost everytime. It’s really not that hard

  24. BG says:

    Lvl 9 is not impossible. You just have to hit a couple homeruns where the 2x is. My high on lvl 11 is 39,440. What is everyone else’s? (i.e. You can’t end on a homerun…you get another pitch. To get this many points, you have to hit as many homeruns on your last pitch as possible.)

  25. Saintphd says:

    Level 9 is really tough but you can hit home run easily.
    Getting stike is OK (only minus 250) but you can get more home run (+4000)!



  26. KC3 says:

    I cant get past the 9th level!

  27. Coch says:

    How do I get passed level 7? Is there a trick to it? I can pretty much get a hit every time but I can’t seem to get the home runs. Help!

  28. hal says:

    i hate level 9 its so freaking hard anyone know a cheat

  29. Bob says:

    what is the cheat to complete the game

  30. Morty says:

    Saintphd’s post from 06/03 with Nick’s from 11/27 work best for me. I’ve been stuck on the 7th level for a few das and breezed right by to level 10 in just a few minuets.


  31. Morty says:

    To beat the world series…


  32. Daltunk11 says:

    where do u put in the cheat code?..
    i found out that the code is Show

    but idk where to put it

  33. brapppp says:


    That the cheat to open the major league

  34. Iain M says:

    How the heck do you beat LVL 7? Like I mean it’s so hard to hit Home – Runs off the Little League Pitchers in the first place but now Home – Runs back to back that’s just crazy. Can someone please help me?

  35. Salvatz says:

    Ultimate Advice –


    I beat the game in around 90 minutes after following these steps.

    Good Luck!

  36. Mar says:

    thanks for the tip nick for level 9….finally beat the game.

  37. barry bonds says:

    hey, hit the bottom of the ball and the tip of the bat
    homeruns will come..:)

  38. Ray says:

    level 8 was the hardest for me.
    beat level nine on fourth try.
    and level ten on my second try.
    my level ten: three singles, then a homerun (grand slam). than another single, followed by a homerun. then two homeruns.
    all of which with two outs. it was intense.]

    really great game. dont give up on it if you get frustrated.

  39. Ray says:

    oh yeah.
    and none of my hits were “bunts”
    i actually hut them. like, in to the outfield.
    much harder. i didnt know about bunts.

  40. Weird says:

    Here is a cheat for getting to the major leagues:
    Type in this as soon as you get to the menu page:

  41. gamer09 says:

    whats the password

  42. kile says:

    this game pretty bad but it got me addicted

  43. j says:

    frigging maddening! played 2 hrs a day for 4 days. bookmarked it and 4 months later spent the past 4 hours on it. is using a mouse easier than laptop touch pad? addicting but fun.

  44. harryson says:

    what r bk to bk homeruns

  45. Babz says:

    Level 9…Look at post 30. I read that, and after about 7 tries I completed level 9…Thank God…Level 10 was easy..

  46. Da says:

    level 9 is easy i beat it on the first try you just have to have some skills

  47. Rich says:

    Ok I’m totally addicted to this game but also totally ANNOYED with it — I am finally on Level 10 but its impossible — I hit balls to the fence and/or warning track and guys get thrown out running to the next base? B-LLSH-T!!!

  48. Rich says:

    Ok I’ve figured out some stuff to help you score well..


  49. david long says:

    I figured out that if you play with one eye shut, it helps a lot!
    also i try playing while busting off
    its even better

  50. J.W. says:

    I scored 19,989 on level 9, can’t get past it. It seems impossible.