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Created by Game insight, Tribez is not just a game, and it’s now available for both iPhone and iPad!

Tribez is an adventure, where you travel to a distant past full of secrets, mysteries and many hours of addictive discovery of an unknown, but beautiful world!

You are invited to visit a mysterious, primitive world inhabited by a peace-loving people, who have been hidden behind a miles-deep portal from time immemorial. Build your own stone-age village, explore territories hidden by mountains and seas, and lead your tribe, who considers you sent by the gods, to prosperity.

Progress through tons of buildings and structures, from primitive mud huts, to advanced workshops, schools, and even theater. Interesting quests and many helpers await in a fascinating world, illustrated to the last detail. Tribez is all about this and more!

Help the leaders of neighboring tribes, develop your country’s economy, discover new lands, populate them with your tribesmen, and tame dinosaurs! Tribez is a world in which you feel alive!

  • Gorgeous graphics down to the smallest detail.
  • Lively animations make the prehistoric world come to life on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Stunning sounds.
  • Tons of objects, characters, buildings and decorations.
  • Truly inexhaustible possibilities to develop your own stone-age empire.
  • Hundreds of captivating quests: search for treasure and artifacts, discover distant islands, expeditions to mysterious caves and much, much more!
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By Eric

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262 Comments to Game Insight – The Tribez

  1. Sanne p says:

    Help! I have made it to the third island but every time I leave the snow island it erases what I’ve done there. Any suggestions on how to fix this. I’ve tried closing my iPad and letting it rest but nothing seems to work. I hate that my people on that island are not working and making money etc.

  2. Justin says:

    I just got to the second island but no matter how many times I try, I can’t go back to the first island.

  3. Angela says:

    Having similar problem! Often unable to load the game from my iPad and when I manage to get it up and running it won’t allow me to move to another island! Getting pretty fed p and was enjoying the game too! Any ideas would be great fully received .

  4. Angela says:

    I seemed to have sorted it out ( for the moment)!!!! I switched my iPad off and then reset it by holding the top button and the round button at the same time for some reason I can now navigate around all three islands! Hope this works for you too!!

  5. Beverly Pawson says:

    I am at level 11 and I cannot seem to complete the quest to build the third Nice Hut. The first time I tried it stated I needed Happiness Level 8. I added items to get to that Happiness level and now it states it requires Happiness Level 9 to build. I need Main Building level 4 to unlock any more social buildings but need the third Nice Hut to upgrade my Main Building.What do I need to do to get out of this catch 22?? LOL HELP!!!

    • Hay guise says:

      Oh dude just put a bunch of happiness stuff until you get to the needed level. You can repeat objects as much as needed and there no limit haha :D

  6. Lori Stewart says:

    I am at the third island and I can’t get behind the statue. Can anyone tell me how to reach everything?

  7. ZZphire says:

    I got to level 40 today & discovered Tribez is yet another app where there is a ceiling. I can no longer collect from any businesses or houses. Maybe they’ll unlock the next set of levels once they release the 4th island. I would be very annoyed if I had actually spent a significant amount of money for this app.

    • Lori Stewart says:

      We’re you able to get behind the stone guardian? How?

      • Melissa JF says:

        Lori Stewart, I have completed all quests on all three islands but have the same problem. I can’t get behind the stone guardian. Only one quest remains on island 2 about expanding territory as I had already bought it before the quest came up.

    • Ramona says:

      I have the same problem. I have reached level 40 and I cannot advance anymore. And I cannot get to the fourth island. I am out of quests, I have solved them all. Please fix this because I really love this game.

  8. Andrea says:

    On the first island there is a really simple quest that tells you to remove these certain 5 bushes to expose a beast. Well, I got ahead of myself and removed one before the quest officially popped up so it won’t recognize that all 5 are gone. It still says 4/5 removed but removing any other bush won’t complete the quest either. Has something like this happened to anyone else? I’m wondering how to complete the quest now that the bushes are gone but the game doesn’t realize they are gone.

    • steve says:

      yeah… bushes spawn randomly but not very frequently… eventually there will be more to remove

      • Andrea says:

        I’ve already removed randomly returning bushes and it doesn’t complete the quest.

    • Andrea says:

      Just an update for anyone that has this same problem of a quest being completed but the game not recognizing that it’s done-

      I’ve been emailing game support and they told me the only way to get around this is to ignore the quest or uninstall and them reinstall the game and start over.

      • Gladys says:

        I have the exact same problem with the bushes quest! I wish the programmers can just do something than to ask us to replay the game :(

      • Vernie says:

        I just demolish the existing bushes so I could complete the quest. I have done this on other quests when I get ahead of the game.

  9. Tony says:

    I am done with the 3rd island quest, no further quest for me and no way to get to the forth island, anyone got the same problem or is it the end of this game???

    • Tribesse says:

      Hi, got as far as I can on 3rd island. Any idea how to get trees down at the sides of the dragon statue?

    • steve says:

      same problem here: finished all quests on island #3 … now what?

      i also purchased the land on island #2 for the temple before getting the quest, so i can’t complete that quest…

  10. Riley says:

    Is there any way to get blue gems without buying them? My quest says I need to expand but I need 100 and have about 14…

    • Andrea says:

      Usually you can expand land by purchasing with money or with gems. The only other way I know to get gems is to login to the game 5 days in a rown for 2 gems or complete levels for 1 gem per level.

      • Riley says:

        Oh thank you! I feel stupid. For some reason I thought you needed both the gems AND money.

  11. loop says:

    This message is for everyone . . . You must build all houses 3/3 of every level in order to proceed further (except for expensive house) this usually will free the locked goles

  12. Maile says:

    Stuck on island 3… No more quests, no way to get behind the statue & unable to get to island 4. Anyone with answers?


  13. Ronnie says:

    So disappointing. Love the game. But can’t play since Level 40. Island 3, behind statue not possible, can’t download, can’t access island 4. Does anyone know when this will be fixed?

    • Andrea says:

      Just updated this morning for more land and quests on Island 1.. also said that Island 4 is available!

  14. Karen says:

    Please can anybody help, how do you get timber? I can get lots of wood, but no timber. I am very new to game on first island. Cheers in advance.

    • Andrea says:

      There will be a lumber mill available for you to build once you reach a certain level. The lumber mill uses the wood and converts its to the timber. If the mill is not available to you yet, it will ususally say “must reach level — ” or “must reach happiness level — ” before you are able to build one.

      • Karen says:

        Thank you, have it now.. Happy gaming.

      • A G says:

        When I try to buy lumber mill it says I haven’t unlocked that quest yet. I am stuck on the quest to find 5 bamboo. I cut down every tree at first.sighting and no Murloda show up for me to steal from them. Very frustrating. Also, if you have a phone feel free to add me as a friend. I am bkrgrl03

  15. Kate says:

    I bought spirit of speed with some gems, but it doesn’t seem to be working, the buildings are taking just as long to build. Any help?

  16. Alex says:

    I am at marble fiord and it keeps asking me to purchase territory for the idol even though I already repaired it. Has anyone had this issue? And have you fixed it?

    • Steve says:

      My problem is same as you. New quest is to buy the territory with the oasis but I have already bought it before it came up and it’s not recognize that. Seems I can’t keep going because of it.

  17. Robert says:

    Was really enjoying this game but now, on island three, can’t collect any more food, marble etc unless I demolish patches, farms, buildings and rebuild all the time. Spoiling what was a good game.

  18. Karen says:

    Hi, anybody know how many levels their are?

  19. Karen says:

    Loving this game, anybody know of other games similar and just as good, please…

  20. Julie says:

    The mission icons are in the way. Does anyone know how to minimize them?

    • Andrea says:

      I don’t know if you can minimize them. To get around them, I zoom in on the screen and then I can usually see what I’m looking for.

  21. Sking says:

    I played this game on my phone a few times and now when I try to open the game the screen goes black and nothing ever happens. Has this happened to anyone else?

    • Kit says:

      It’s the second time my game screen just is Black and i can’ t start the game ’cause i can’t see anything on the screen. What to do??

      • Maya says:

        Exit the app, double click the home button and close the app completely, leave it for a while and make sure you have full battery should open then

  22. Pnut says:

    Having trouble on the first island the left hand bottom is still in fog and I need to get to the section across the river I can’t figure it out there aren’t many help sites for this game. I jumped the gun and removed all the trees and other stuff and now I have unfinished taks for removal of trees and such in the mission bar and don’t know what to do help please.

    • Wes says:

      Anyone ever figure this out I’m in the same problem. Can’t get over there and no quests left

      • Deanna says:

        I am at level 34 and on Marble Fiord island. It wants me to build 4 ice statues, but they are not available on this island. I tried building them on the first island, but that didn’t work and they won’t tranfser from through the warehouse. Any ideas?

        I still haven’t figured out how to get marble without using gems.

        Using an iPad if that makes any difference.

      • Kitt33 says:

        Help :( how do I get the ice statues on island 3 :( can’t transfer or nethin :((

  23. Preston2016 says:

    how do i restart the game with out deleting it and reinstalling it. idk if this matters but its the iPad version.

    • Andrea says:

      I don’t think you can restart without deleting and reinstalling. I talked to game support about how to restart a quest and they told me the only way to get around it was to delete and reinstall therefore I’m assuming that is the only way to restart the game as well.

  24. Robert says:

    Loaded the recent update. Had to be patient doing this. Tried to load 2-3 times and eventually had to pause/start/pause but this eventually worked, – update loaded and now really enjoying the game again. Lots of new quests. Still can’t get to the trees next to the guardian – maybe in time will manage this!

  25. Ione says:

    I have transferred marble to island of the ancients. When I try to send it to my warehouse it will only allow 141. That isn’t enough to fulfill any quests. Any ideas on how to fix this problem?

  26. Susan says:

    ok, so i am on the first island, and i need marble. It says i can’t build a marble pit on this island and i can’t seem to get off this island. I need to upgrade, build a circus, and all sorts of stuff that needs marble, but can’t build the pit and can’t move to an island where i can build it. what am i doing wrong?

    • dizink says:

      At the bottom of the screen is an icon that kind of looks like a map. Have you clicked on this? It should bring up the map with all the islands. The icons that are in color are available. Click on one and it should take you there.

  27. Bababacon says:

    Can’t seem to get the sand pit unlocked…every task is now waiting on that

  28. Jojomom says:

    Does the taxation office actually give you any of the revenue it collects? It seems to take $$$$ but my amount doesn’t change.

  29. Tracey says:

    Anyone know how to get coral? It says collect from ancients reef but no idea where/what this is


  30. Sallad says:

    I’ve completed every task on three islands, have almost 5 million gold and nowhere to go or spend. How do you travel to the last island?

    • Robert says:

      Have you installed any of the updates? I think this has to be done to get to the fourth island.

  31. Harvey says:

    How do you rebuild some of the buildings in the latest update. I have bulldozered and rebuild. I have also build a second, 3rd & 4th of the building and still have the request to rebuild.

  32. Sherry says:

    I was finally able to clear 1 tree around the sphinx thing on island 3. I have no idea why but it let me clear the bottom right tree. I haven’t finished all quests there yet. The other trees still say I have to “clear the way” before getting to them. I don’t know how because it won’t allow me to move or bulldoze any of the surrounding structure.

    • Braeburn says:

      If you make the screen larger you are able to “zoom” around to find the trees you need to take out.

  33. Knickie says:

    Please help travelled to island 2 and I have two fruit bushes, but need more food and it won’t let me buy a patch!!! How can I get more food on
    Island 2 as the food from the 1st island doesn’t carry over!!! Help

    • Clerot says:

      Knickie, you need to buy a pig farm. It’s one of your quests. You need to “save” your food from your fruit bushes to get it if you have exhausted your original supply of food you were given for the island.

  34. Snow says:

    How come I don’ t have the friends or promo code tab under information and don’t have access to news and support?

    • Penny says:

      Just get some Proxy Switch software

      You Need to access to Facebook and keep a close eye to what the“thetribez”sayings on Sat.

      Access to the internet ,share your support ID,and add others support ID from the bbs will you get extra resources and gift(also crystals will be available once you have finished add neighbours task)

  35. Guillermo V says:

    My game won’t even turn on to the start menu or something HELP !!!!!!

  36. Ben says:

    I already level 35, and back to level 5. Back to 1st island, but cant travel to another island that i ever reach. They said i must make a raft, unfortunately i already have a raft, but cant use it, somebody help me please

    • platmarine says:

      I have the same problem, it happened last night. I have emailed support but havent heard back yet. Im going to be really annoyed If this game is ruined. Hope it is some bug that they can fix, because we cant build another raft, that quest is completed. So we are stuck on first island till they fix it.

      • Esk8p says:

        Hi, can you access the other islands yet? I am also stuck with the raft problem. Thanks!

  37. Laura says:

    I have three sand pits on island three, but I can’t transfer sand to the other islands. I don’t have any transfer icons for island three. Any suggestions?

    • Bobbi says:

      Hey laura! I am having same issue and just came on to see if there was a fix. I can’t build marble without sand but I can’t transfer sand to the other island! Bah!

    • Gary says:

      Build a zeppelin harbor on each island and upgrade them to send resources via zeppelins

    • Tonja says:

      laura how did you get the sand pits opened. we are stuck. please help.

  38. Bob says:

    After a while playing this wonderful game it won’t load anymore on a ipad 2. Was level 19 but decided to reinstall but now level 9 i got the same problem.
    Does anyone now what might be wrong

  39. I love orca whales says:

    I’m on level 9 or 10 (island1) just started but I don’t know how to buy patches for food???
    Please help!!!!

    • Tracy says:

      Click the hammer and gotnto the 3rd icon along cave type and the patches are there to buy and build!

  40. I love orca whales says:

    I figured it out but another question is how do you get lumber without spending 20 crystals pleeese help!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Robert says:

      You can build a lumber mill. Click the hammer and then the tab for the commercial buildings.

  41. Jake says:

    How do u get off island 2?

    • Robert says:

      To move from island to island click the map icon at the bottom of the screen then click the island you want to move to.

  42. Tracy says:

    I have a task to order a lengthly deal at the stone guardian every time I do so it’s not recognising it!

    Anyone have any ideas?

    • Robert says:

      Sometimes the instruction can be wrong and its one of the other deals that needs to be run. Check where the arrow points to when you click on the quest.

  43. Morgan says:

    When I click on the tribez on my home screen the page just comes up black. Any advice?

  44. Blondie68 says:

    Cannot built the sanctuary. Do not have enough stones a d can’t built the stone mill yet…what triggers the quest ‘5 hammers in the quarry’?

  45. Pickleball gal says:


    I am on the third island but still can’t figure out how to get a sand pit so I can finish quests on the other islands? How and when do you get the sand pits?. Thanks

    • Tonja says:

      My boyfriend and I are having the same issue. We cant get the sandpit and all of our quest all have to do with sand. Please someone help?!

    • Robert says:

      Are you not able to build it by clicking on the hammer and then choosing the correct tab at the top to build the sand pit? It should tell you how much food, men etc you need to build it. I’m sure that’s what I did to build them.

      • Tonja says:

        no it is telling us that we have to finish a quest but all the quests we have need sand so we are stuck.

      • Robert says:

        Not sure if this will be helpful but when it says you need to complete a quest have you tried tapping on this bit of writing as it sometimes leads you (by showing arrows) to what the quest is? I don’t think I had a problem with building a sandpit but can’t remember what the quests were that I needed to complete.

  46. Anners says:

    How come my spirit of speed is not working? :-(

  47. Brant says:

    I was playing and had almost three million coins and it reverted back to level 7 and I lost it all. I no longer have the other two islands but I do have everything I built on the first…help!

  48. Celestehayes says:

    I’m on level 44 and the game won’t load. It hits 100% and it hangs there or kicks me out. Is there a loading solution yet? I really dont want to start all over again which i’ve done a few times before at lower levels. help

  49. Zach says:

    I need to build a oral mine. It is telling me quest needs to be completed. No quest exists. How do I unlock it?

  50. laceystew says:

    I am unable to play the game. It loads to 100% and the game does not load. I haven’t been able to play for close to two weeks! Anyone else having this problem?