Robamimi – One Scene 2

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After Want You – Who am I?, Hungry, Sound Color R, Snow Dance, Tamago, One Scene, Ancient Scripts and more, here is One Scene 2, the latest Room Escape game from Robamimi.

Have fun!

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By Eric

current rating 4.47


9 Comments to Robamimi – One Scene 2

  1. Ekoms says:

    pretty easy…i love help the hints work in these games

  2. Me2 says:

    Excellent; logical and nice to not have to flip through multiple screens.

  3. cheeken says:

    Robamimi always gets it right. Very nice game.

  4. Zak says:

    Heh, is it just me or does the music sound just like FF7’s “Reunion”? Great game!

  5. Jonhk says:

    a bit easy and some old tricks….but still enjoyable

  6. Scout88 says:

    Nice. Just challenging enough.

  7. Ray says:

    Awesome as always. Thanks!

  8. aliceboy says:

    Needed the hints…a few times there. I got stuck once, but only because I’d completely overlooked the Show

    Another fun Robamimi game.