Punikin Escape

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Punikin EscapePunikin EscapePunikin Escape is a Japanese Room Escape game in which you will have to collect many items.

The game is all in Japanese, and I have the feeling that this one could keep you busy for a while.

Have fun!

Update: Punikin Escape walkthrough in comment #9 (thanks pOlo!)

By Eric

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25 Comments to Punikin Escape

  1. mammis says:

    Well, alright I got a whole BUNCH of items. Show

  2. sivas says:

    I’ver only 5 blanks on my inventory. I’ve one Key and another that I can’t reach

  3. mammis says:

    Would be nice to know code for computer, tried all numbers I found but they wont work…
    Tried to cook the fishes but that wouldn´t work neither ;)

  4. Rosie says:

    wow. im horrible at these things, but i love them! =)

  5. esk says:

    found fishtank-banana-looks like an apple-pic of fish-bucket – candle- grey key cant reach- purple key- stuff for the fishtank- the letter g i think thats what it is? bunch of other junk

  6. Mickey says:

    There is much more to this game then you think….

    Have you Show

    the banana yet??
    And have you found the

  7. Mickey says:

    I found that you only get the red G at the door after you fill the bucket of water…. or was it maybe the number I called that was on the letter in the other room???

    What to do with the red G…

    and then

    and then

    and then

    To open door

    Make sure you have everything before going through the door

  8. Mickey says:

    I thought I could finish it but now I’m left with some items and can’t do anything anymore. Even found the fish where this whole game is written about and now …… I
    don’t like games where they give you a big inventory but when you make a wrong choice you can’t finish.

  9. pOlo says:



  10. Mickey says:

    Thanks Polo, maybe i’ll finish it sometime when i’m bored.
    Got to the point of having fish and everything and then just got so stuck in the appartment.
    Had already restarted the game 5 times because i couldn.t get the red G.

  11. Meggy says:


  12. Meggy says:

    Now I can’t find the white door

  13. Meggy says:

    Ugggh I give up this is stupid

  14. queequeg says:

    what is the console login for the computer upstairs?

  15. queequeg says:

    ah! worked out the colour thingy for the computer downstairs (ie, further instructions to Polo’s #35:

  16. UnderCoverDrummer says:

    when i typed “GOLDSERVER” after entering the program on the downstairs computer
    it says “Connecting…” and then “Connection refused”. ITS NOT LETTING ME IN

  17. UnderCoverDrummer says:

    was i not supposed to click on the upstairs computer until i found the downstairs one?

  18. UnderCoverDrummer says:

    nvm i got it

  19. UnderCoverDrummer says:

    forgot the slash woops

  20. irritable says:

    help can’t find the blue? door with the g

  21. irritable says:

    i got it you have to call the number first

  22. Bogdan says:

    Where is the blue door? What do you have to do to make it appear? I’ve followed pOlo’s walkthrough but I see no blue door nor red G. I’m stuck here. Help!

  23. vivianeris says:

    the “herd”in the walkthrough is the stove

  24. vivianeris says:

    the blue door is a glass door and its not blue it has a tank thing next to it but i cant get thru!

  25. vivianeris says:

    i was using blue card but i needed to use the white i feel so much better