Inkagames – Kim Dotcom Prison Break

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Kim Dotcom Prison Break is a Point’n’Click Adventure game from Inkagames.

Your brother has been framed and sent to prison.

It’s your brotherly duty to help him escape!

Have fun!

By White Wolf

current rating 3.83


9 Comments to Inkagames – Kim Dotcom Prison Break

  1. hilman says:

    lol, it is indeed “prison break”..
    not familiar with kim dotcom though ;)
    anyway, stuck but still keep trying
    i still looking for Show

    • hilman says:

      ok out..
      got to peek on eg24, lol..
      but what really concerned me Show


  2. sky says:

    i dont know how to get the cat out of the tree, but other than that i love this game. i just need some help getting cat out of the tree. please help.

    • crystal says:

      you go to charlie home and get couch “coushin” lol and then go to building place and in the plants get the powder go to park put couch thing down and then powned tree then there u go lol

  3. Kim Dotcom says:

    Stuck on The End Where Kim is Awake And Your At Elevator Show

  4. Kim Dotcom says:

    what do i do when im by kim in shock from adrinalin and hose is in the window and the sausage is blue?

  5. Kim Dotcom says:

    my inventory has: other end of hose, syringe, key duplication, magnifying glass, leather jacket, allen wrench, foot powder, knife, candle, spoon with honey, honey, blue sausage and key mold

  6. crystal says:

    by the way when i said powder i rly “mint” pounder
    im letting my lil sister learn how to type but um mint not my typing lol