The Bird in the Cage

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The Bird in the Cage is the latest Room Escape game released at Gotmail, where you can play all IDAC’s games.

And this one is available in English!

Have fun!

The Bird in the Cage walkthrough (thanks Lizzy!)

By Eric

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55 Comments to The Bird in the Cage

  1. Boommm says:

    I have lighter and charger. How to charge it? Stuck with it..

  2. Lizzy says:

    Found Show

    But no idea where to use any of it?

    • chris says:

      you use the cutters for under the sofa ,then you get a seal. the seal opens in two places,with which you open one of the closets. keep in mind you can use the cutter together with the pliers. on the steel door you can get a big coin

    • dozucler says:

      lizzy Show

      where did you find the Show

  3. marina says:

    wow first time i play online! yay!
    i also found A seal under left leg of the coutch, alen keys in seal, used it on one cabinet

    used pliers but you also need the flashlight, but has no batteries

  4. DannyFaron says:

    Finally out, this was a hard one! I got stuck nearly at the end and finished only because i just clicked everywhere to find the final item. that was the annoying part, the rest was really nice!



  5. Kwan says:

    I found Show

  6. Max says:

    search for Show

    it can be used together

  7. Max says:

    sorry, not that item but other items can be used in combination. Have you Show

  8. Kwan says:

    Now I have

    and I’m stuck T_T

  9. marina says:

    so my posts need moderation check so i think this will take a while to be visible or something… i dont know

    anyway, so far i got:


    i fell like i am close to the exit, but i am stuck, the only usable items in my inventory are the coins, the cup that has a code, the rum, the pliers and the bulb has a code on it

  10. Max says:

    cant remember exactly but I Show

    have not yet found solution for Show

    still active in my items: pliers, gold coin, small coin with text, label, glass and cutter”s blade.
    stuck here

  11. goldie says:

    so far I have, piers bigcoin flashlight hexogonalwrench cutter’s blade. en cup.

  12. Lizzy says:

    Inventory item still active is Show

    Not making any progress on the Show

  13. marina says:

    any hints about that last object?

  14. Lizzy says:

    I out, but have to go for now, will check back later to see if I can Help somewhere

    • st says:

      i need help im stuck .got the searching device dont know what to do with it.
      and stuck with the wall groove ‘how do i open it?

      • Lizzy says:

        I’ve posted a walkthrough, be sure to do ALL the steps.
        For the detector:

        Hope that helps!

  15. marina says:

    Finally out!
    A little tricky at the end, thanks for all help

  16. DanRub says:


  17. Ed says:

    Could there be a glitch? The alen wrench disappeared once I opened a door. How are the other doors opened if not with the wrench?

  18. sheepasleep says:

    hello? help, anyone?

    how do i get the flashlight plugged in?? what am i doing wrong?


    • Lizzy says:

      Do you have the Show

  19. Chicken says:

    Active items:

    I’ts amazing I can’t get the lighter by the windows (I clicked everywhere… )

    Need help for the rest, can somebody help ?

  20. e.g says:

    the lighter is Show

    • Chicken says:

      Realy !!
      I can’t get it…

      • e.g says:


      • ylog says:

        I can’t find it either. Maybe a glitch? I reloaded and even started over from the beginning and still no lighter. i am going crazy!!

      • Chicken says:

        Ho my god I have the lighter now.


        Tank’s Karilynn!!!

    • Karilynn says:

      I can’t either. I also haven’t found the coaster that everyone seemed to find easily. Any help?

  21. e.g says:

    is there a key somewhere to unlock the door?

  22. Amy says:

    okay so i was able to Show

  23. st says:

    how do i open a second locker?
    what do i do with the big gold coin on with the pillar?
    what do i put in the groove under the wall safe?

  24. st says:

    what do i do now?? i have the detector what does it do?

  25. Lizzy says:

    A very VERY detailed walktrough:
    Sorry it is soooo long, but I have noticed that certain steps are only possible to do once you’ve “seen” or “clicked certain other spots. Thus my reason for trying to include ALL the steps and click I’ve made.


  26. Help plz says:

    i cant find the GPS!!!!

  27. Jonhk says:

    can’t find the detector……left corner of sofa….i already click everywhere of the screen!!!

  28. Emily says:

    where was the hotspot? i can’t find it!

  29. goldie says:

    Tnxxx Lizzy for the W.t. and OUT.

  30. Dindin says:

    I can not find bottle of Rum…
    Please, help me :)

  31. teresa says:

    Can’t find detector either, Nothing seemed to happen when I turned the grooves