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Memohuntress is an Adventure Hidden Object game from Enter Skies Entertainement.

This game has it all!

Hidden objects, puzzles, riddles, and a story!

Use your arrow keys to move.

Have fun!

By White Wolf

current rating 3.97


7 Comments to Newgrounds – Memohuntress

  1. Bathilda says:

    Sorry, how do you get the center block off?

    • White Wolf says:

      I just found that. Not sure what the cause is. Didn’t do that before. I had to wait until the game loaded fully then was able to get passed it. I will check on this for you.

      • allikka says:

        It doesn’t work for me either… :( If I click on the ‘play’ button on the center block, it just freezes, if I click on the other, I can’t get rid of the central one…

  2. Found it says:

    It was hard to find but when the game was loaded (it loads two times?) and the story was already told (so I missed that), I could click something on the left of the block. I thought it was a map I clicked on but it was the help-function I guess because after that I got an explanation of how to play the game. So I got my explanation and at the same time the block was gone. The spot was really on the right of the left side of the block, almost on the block.

  3. Eric says:

    Problem is fixed now. Thanks

  4. goldie says:

    Very nice game, but it is pixelhunting, and you can’t save it.

  5. sanaez says:

    This is amazing game.
    Need more patient and concentrated force,, but I really enjoy this game.
    The ending is so touching!
    Hope you keep your great work!