Abroy – The Spell Breaker Quest – A Prince Ivan Adventure

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The Spell Breaker Quest – A Prince Ivan Adventure is the latest Point’n’Click Adventure game from Abroy.

This one describes itself as “one of the biggest online point and click/escape games ever!”

“Its upon you to embark on a magical journey with Prince Ivan of Banarkash in his quest to save his sisters. It doesn’t end there…

You also have to revive their cursed husbands, marry the Sun Princess and defeat a Giant Dragon Wizard in a battle… All this in one adventure!”

Fear not, the game autosaves!

Have fun!

02.21.12 – Update: freezing issues are now fixed (hopefully)…

By Eric

current rating 3.76


222 Comments to Abroy – The Spell Breaker Quest – A Prince Ivan Adventure

  1. Amy says:

    I have pink rose, red rose, stone rose, perfume, octopus tear, green drop, stone fish, bone, orange, grape, net, half a gold die, half a earth die, two blue stones and one yellow stone. I am completely stuck now! What do I do?

  2. bqueen says:

    How to make green water

    yeah! i was stuck with maurice..maybe this new water will help..

  3. bqueen says:

    Octupus tears

  4. bqueen says:

    any hints on the white fruit?

    or the knight?

    or the yellow fruit?

  5. Ceperra says:

    how to get in Isabella’s gallery

    • Noemi says:

      get to the Show

  6. MilenaMilena says:

    Please help me! How to arrange roses in Buterflay Daniella?

  7. Noemi says:

    how to make the Show

    i have Show

    but i can’t put the fruit in the machine!

  8. MilenaMilena says:

    Where is purple rose?

    • Noemi says:

      i want to help you but i don’t remind that surely >.<
      if i remind well it's in Show

  9. MilenaMilena says:

    Thank you, but I thought the purple rose that is needed for red potion …. And how to catch princess shoes?

  10. brianne says:

    so lost on how to create potions- what are the combinations? owl says read the journal- did anyone find a journal?

    • brianne says:


    • alydhe says:

      The journal is in the Show

  11. anthony says:

    Anyone know how to light the fire in the witch’s house?

  12. Ladyda says:

    i can not find any red gem so I can not made green potion – somebody can help me? Thx a lot!

  13. Mary says:

    How do you get to the Potion Factory?

    • anthony says:

      If you click on the water in the mermaid fountain you go underwater. then give the seahorse a silver coin that you need to mint.

  14. Ladyda says:

    Second red gems is in fountain in butterfly garden (in lotos on water).

  15. Mary says:

    How do you make the Black Potion, i have all of the things but i don’t know how to get the Black Light.

  16. Mary says:

    All i need is the Black Light anyone know how to get it?

  17. Mary says:

    where do you get the black light from? its the only thing i need to finish.

    • goldlust says:

      Don;’t worry – just go where your sisters told you to go, and the solution will present itself to you.

      When you’re there, you’ll have to Show

      which should create the Show

      you need.

  18. bqueen says:

    any thoughts on the purple flower? it is not in mermaid ftn or old wmn garden

  19. Kaypee says:

    Can someone PLEASE tell me where to find the yellow gem??

    Pretty please…… :-)

  20. bqueen says:

    Blue Gem #2

  21. bqueen says:

    orange fruit

    half earth coin


  22. bqueen says:

    red gem

  23. bqueen says:

    green rose


  24. bqueen says:

    second red gem


  25. bqueen says:

    purple rose


  26. Kaypee says:

    Fan blade, fan blade, where for art thou fan blade……??

  27. bqueen says:

    second yellow gem


  28. bqueen says:

    red drop & ice


  29. bqueen says:

    white rose


  30. bqueen says:

    white gem #1


  31. bqueen says:

    white gem #2


  32. bqueen says:



    i’ve spent two days on this, restarted 2x…finally the white fruit!

  33. bqueen says:

    yellow fruit


  34. bqueen says:

    block the energy at the end


    best walkthrough

  35. ladyda says:

    I am stuck in three doors season – I put crab on fishing rod and nothing happend – just hanging there. How to use it? I have in my inventory only lying carpet which is not activated, stuff for sun princess (ring, etc.) and ingredience for potions. Bear, fish and falcon claws. What now? Thx for every comment!

  36. jessie says:

    what are the the colors missing from Ralph’s crest picture? Thanks.

  37. Noemi says:

    how do i make the Show

    i have all the ingredients but i can’t put in the potion maker the yellow fruit!

  38. jessie says:

    I have used the walkthrough for the key puzzle. I an still unable to unlock the vulture. Is there another code.


  39. MK says:

    Can’t get the stiching pattern right at Isabella’s gallery.. Should I do it upside down or as mirror image or what? I have just copied the pattern from the “paper” as it is.. Something erong with me or is it the game that’s not working?

  40. Coco says:


    I am stuck in the witches room (quite early in the game). i made the fire and have got a pearl neclace, blue gem, pink rose, chilies, patchwork pattern, book arrangement, butterfly net, blank parchment and a half copper coin die, but i just can’t do anything else. Can anyone tell me what i’m missing?

    Thank you!

  41. Cole says:

    I have the drop of green water but placing it on the colorless part of the waterfall does nothing. Is there some other step I’m missing??

  42. Mary says:

    I forgot how do you make the Fountain work?

  43. Annie says:

    I am stuck with the green drop . Tried putting it in the gray water nothing happened….. Help plz

  44. soyfoan says:

    i am stuck on the season doors…i got the sun princess shoes, cape, crown, and septar…what do i do know?

  45. negin says:

    where is the butterfly net?i know it was in the old woman garden but i do not find it.i do not remember

  46. Halle says:

    What is the combo for the dungeon maze? HELP ME PRETTY PLEASE!!! HELP!!!!!