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MuselockMuselockMuseLock is a new French Room Escape game created by Pierre Gauthier. The game is available in both French and English.

“What happened? I have fainted… Where am I? They have captured me! I have to escape this place…”

Does this introduction sound familiar? Yes, of course. And now you know what to do, right?

Oh, and be aware that you can die in this room…

Have fun!

Update: walkthrough in comment #9 (thanks nitrox !)

By Eric

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108 Comments to MuseLock

  1. chuck says:

    I entered the number combination and nothing happened

  2. Princess says:

    where is the digi thingamabob??????
    i just can’t find it!!!

  3. taco says:

    hey can some one send a wlk through how do u get light bulbs????

  4. taco says:

    how do u get the dang code 0.-

  5. taco says:

    ? is any 1 ever on here any more

  6. Demon Daddy says:

    what about the gas from the socket ? how do you turn off the fan in the socket?

  7. julz... says:

    help!!! i cant open the digipad!!!in the walkthrough…it says that when you type the wrong number in the will close!!!..i think i typed the wrong number so it closed!!! it also said there that you should press the small button on the rite side under the desk if you typed the wrong number..but i cant find the button!!! help!!!

  8. Tip says:

    you can use the tab key in order to find the small button under the desk.