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MuselockMuselockMuseLock is a new French Room Escape game created by Pierre Gauthier. The game is available in both French and English.

“What happened? I have fainted… Where am I? They have captured me! I have to escape this place…”

Does this introduction sound familiar? Yes, of course. And now you know what to do, right?

Oh, and be aware that you can die in this room…

Have fun!

Update: walkthrough in comment #9 (thanks nitrox !)

By Eric

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108 Comments to MuseLock

  1. ben says:

    wat is the digilock code?!

  2. i love this game says:

    the digicode varies each time you play it!!!!!!!!

  3. i love this game says:

    hope that helped!!!!!

  4. phebe says:

    hey i cant get the other fuse to burn out how do i do it?

  5. CHRISTAL says:

    THE CORRECT WAY IS TO PUSH 1 – 3 – 7 – 9 – 5

  6. Sherman 3000 says:

    I only got 4 numbers on the digicode. and nothing happens when I punch it in. How do i get out?

  7. roomied says:

    write down those symbols on the paintings and take out the fuse and replace it where it came from…that will lewt the screen come down…take the projector plate anf put it back where it came from and this should give you the symbols after you press the sunshine button which means on i guess…find the symbols in the sequence it was on the paintings…EX: if the circle was first on the paintings then find the circle on the screen and whichever number it is is your first number of the code…etc etc..

  8. i love this game says:

    u have to copy down the symbols that apear on the projector it wont be the exact symbol on the painting,but it should look somewhat like it!(-:

  9. i love this game says:

    u have to make sure that the cover is on the lazer thing before pressing the sun button then turn to the projector and there u go symbols then just keep turning and changing the numbers!(-:

  10. morgan says:

    will someone give me a walkthrough or somethin cuz the up and down arrow thing is confusing me and theres no up arrow

  11. Jillian3395 says:

    If you are stuck while trying to find the combination to the small pad with numbers 1-9 and ABC on it, this should help.


    I hope this helped.

  12. cassie says:

    i cant get the second fuse!

  13. mee says:

    my code was 8336

  14. muk says:

    Whenever i activate the prodector the box relleases gas an i die

  15. clarkis says:

    how do i get the fuse?!

  16. Robby says:

    what are you talking about on getting the new fuse?
    can somone give me a detailed instructions fromafter putting the old key where the bomb used to be to where you have to new fuse.

  17. Joint says:

    you can get the new fuse when you zoom in on the buttons that move the screen up and down. If you zoom in on those button, there is a rectangle right of the buttons. Push it, and you have your new fuse.

    My digicode was 5289

    Man, that was a hard game. Couldn’t stop until I had it though :) (but i used the walkthrough in the end)

  18. phil says:

    i still dont get how to get the fuse

  19. Common Sense says:

    Nitrox i want to say that your guide was very clear and any one with any common sense or a little bit of looking would figure out what exactly you are talking about imo great guide the best way to push all the black circles to white circles is pushes the outside edges then finally the middle was very fun thanks Nitrox

  20. Jessica says:

    FOR THE CODE OF PREESING THE BUTTONS. (number 10 in nirtox’s walkthrough guide.)

    3 – 5

    – 2 –

    4 – 1

    – means no need to press.

  21. bakkerboy465 says:

    ok to press all the butond Show

  22. Jessica says:

    21 go back to the screen controls (the arrows) zoom in on them and click on the rectangle right next to the buttons and get a new fuse


  23. Jessica says:

    Never mind I got it and umm I cant seem to find out what is my digit code number is…

    1. my first painting had a. square with a circle inside.
    2. like half square and circle. i think it’s called semi.
    3. tringale with it’s on the left side.
    4. square.

  24. doobie says:

    i have no idea what im doing

  25. cassidy says:

    wats my digi code number?
    the things on the paintings are
    and a circle thing with like 2 points

  26. XGIRL says:

    thanx so much for the walkthru nitro!


    Ty dude!!!! the digi code for me was 5697!

  28. RAMBLINGS says:

    I GIVE UP……….THE CODE is driving me NUTS!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have a right angle triangle, a half a moon, and two squares….

    which equals out to be 2-6-4-8

    and its not working GRRRRRRRR!!!!!
    im going insane

  29. RAMBLINGS says:

    okay nevermind I got it mine was 2-6-4-4…
    took me a while that was ERRR. so freking confuzzling… stupid shapes!

  30. RAMBLINGS says:

    Slide1= CIRCLE w/ SLASH
    Slide2= SEMI-CIRCLE inside of TRIANGLE
    Slide3= CIRCLE w/ SLASH in POINTED OVAL tilted left
    Slide4= CIRCLE w/ SLASH in SQUARE
    Slide5= upsidedown SEMI-CIRCLE in upsidedown TRIANGLE
    Slide6= SEMI-CIRCLE
    Slide7= CIRCLE w/ SLASH in POINTED OVAL tilted right
    Slide8= CIRCLE covering SLASH in SQUARE
    Slide9= upsidedown SEMI-CIRCLE

    SLIDE 2 is JUST TRIANGLE (right angled)
    SLIDE 3 is JUST POINTED OVAL tilted left
    SLIDE 7 is JUST POINTED OVAL tilted right

    THE SLASHES ARE VERY CONFUSING–but I learned the slashes mean IGNORE THE MIDDLE SHAPE and go with the outer… but if there is no SLASH.. thats THE SHAPE you NEED….

  31. daniel says:

    where do i get the bulb for the lamp???

  32. daniel says:

    in the code place , what means the A B C?

  33. . says:

    ha!, the first time i started playing i got killed like 4 times, though i got the clues: the key under the mat, the paper, the can, and the little box, but as desperate as i was, i just said to my self: i give up!, i’m gonna look up for the solution on the internet, so i did. and NITROX, you couldn’t have possibly been more helpful as you were, so thankyou, in other words, you passed the game for me, so,

    THANK YOU! (again)


    PS: very easy to follow your instructions, though at first i couln’t figure out were the new fuse was, but then i did.

  34. rikkemans61 says:

    earlier in this forum there were said that you can get a box in the armchair but i dont have 1… please help me

  35. Yankee says:

    ummm…i still dont know how 2 get a new fuse -.- . Any1 can help me?! (-.-)

  36. Priddychild says:

    I got the armchair box, but I can’t open it.

  37. Emma says:

    At last i managed to escape… but only wi the walkthrough =] tah nitrox =P

  38. Emma says:

    Yankee… to get the new fuse you go to the controls for the projector and click beside the arrows… there u find the new fuse

    Priddychild… if u keep clicking on the closest arm of the armchair u will end up clicking on the little box… and if u keep clicking then it will open up

    hope that helps =]

  39. K-DOG - i laaaaike paaaaaaie says:

    holy heck!!!! i soooo need help! none of these things work!! ahhhh!! if u get this message (anyone) plz contact !


  40. says:

    hey, it has been 30mins pass , but >>>> I STILL CANT GET ALL THE BUTTON PRESSED……!!!!!! help help
    *:i followed the nitrox`s way to solve but i still cant get it right.

  41. says:

    heheehee , finally i got all the button pressed . you noe wat , must refresh the game once you accidentally press the wrong button, although there`s still other alternative solution[i guess] of pressing the button other then 1-3-7-9-5-, but im already getting mad, so , i figure out a fasters way , tat is refresh .hahaha
    -thnks to NITROX!!

  42. darkman says:

    im out from ages from this room i think 1 month or less any help just put here what u want?

  43. DNOMN8R says:

    I did just fine with the walkthrough until the digicode; that’s where I got stuck. I’ll probably try again soon but I can beat it now. (I did not die; I stopped playing.) Oh, and if you put your hand in the doorway it’s a bit SCARY!

  44. dreamy says:

    i don’t get the part ’bout the outlined box on the sofa plz help :(

  45. Maranda says:

    Hello I followed the walk through and got the box out of the sofa. Then it says to put the burnt fuse in the hole where the box goes but it wont go in.

  46. Whitttt says:

    the shapes on my painting are just plain cirlces and sqaures, they don’t match the symbols from the projector. help!

  47. DNOMN8R says:

    Anyone examine the piece of paper? It appears to explain the white box….

  48. Ruby says:

    yeah, but it’s useless though.(when I was playing I thought about it too)
    and look at the back of the paper, it helps to solve the code.

  49. Joe says:

    i’ve gotten to putting the Show

  50. Kelly says:

    Can someone give me a walkthrough that actually works?