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MuselockMuselockMuseLock is a new French Room Escape game created by Pierre Gauthier. The game is available in both French and English.

“What happened? I have fainted… Where am I? They have captured me! I have to escape this place…”

Does this introduction sound familiar? Yes, of course. And now you know what to do, right?

Oh, and be aware that you can die in this room…

Have fun!

Update: walkthrough in comment #9 (thanks nitrox !)

By Eric

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108 Comments to MuseLock

  1. Mickey says:

    Allways wanted to do that for one time!!!

  2. Mickey says:

    Here is some free advice: Don’t take the box under the desk.
    You’ll get killed.

  3. Ashley says:

    another bit of free advice: don’t walk through the door with the “extra protection”. you’ll die then too :(

  4. Duero says:

    This was a fun one, while I am not fond of room escapes where you can die, this was in hindsight wasn’t that hard. But then again, I did get help in a few places from the talk in the comment section. Walkthrough will be posted later.

  5. nitrox says:

    hey can some one plz help. i can get to the digicode, but where do i find the code??? i tried random numbers and it closed then i couldnt open it again!

  6. Duero says:

    Opening the numpad:


  7. nitrox says:

    hey duero thx a lot i figured it out before i read you comment i just used the code when i was sure i had it but tnx a lot any way xD

  8. Duero says:

    The power of posting at work.

  9. nitrox says:

    ok so this is my first walkthrough so dont get frustrated with me if im unclear so Show

  10. Suzie says:

    Help! Only got the paper, the orange juice, and the key so far.

  11. THE ROCK says:


  12. Suzie says:

    how do I get the new fuse? what do you mean by screen controls?

  13. Megan says:

    does anyone know how to get all of the buttons pushed down!? i’ve been trying for 20 minutes and im desperate!

  14. nitrox says:

    suzie to get the new fuse you need to click by the screen controls and it will flip open revealing the new fuse (you need to click on them once ot zoom in on them

  15. nitrox says:

    hey megan, just for you i figured out a buttons solution Show

    i hope that it helps you!

  16. Mickey says:

    He means the controls for the projector screen!!!
    Click next to them on the right side and …. voila… new fuse

  17. Kazza says:

    what is the digipad number i keep stuffing up can somebody please help me:(

  18. Joey says:

    the lights turned on when I put in the explosive peice and it will not blow up help!

  19. nitrox says:

    ok so kazza the digipad number is represented by the symbols on the paintings when you look at them with the blue light on. then you have to go back to the built in projector and look at the symbols AND what number slide it is remember the numbers and enter them in the order of the paintings (left to right)

  20. nitrox says:

    so joey… i have experienced what you were saying before but i wasnt able to replicate that glitch, so my advice is this

  21. Todd says:

    ok i put the bulb in now what do i do i turn on the lamp it won’t turn on

  22. Kazza says:

    yea but i know Nitrox i read comment #9 and i tried that heaps of times but i can never get the shapes on the paintings to match the ones on the projector

  23. Kazza says:

    i figured the digipad number out thanx Nitrox you really are helpful

  24. loz says:

    i’ve got the number for the digipad, but when i go to go through the door, the rays are still there. what do i do, or what have i done wrong?

  25. aissa says:

    hey, mickey, i am new at this but i still dont get it. what do you mean ‘click next to them on the rite side”?where do i click? i need help! i dont get it!

  26. smirf says:

    help me i cant get the fuse out of the glass i have been sittin here for an hour tryin to get it

  27. lynn says:

    i’m really confused about the shapes and the projector. the ones the the projector shows are all the shapes combined. what do i do??!!

  28. Sarah says:

    The shapes on the projector aren’t shapes that match the ones in the paintings in any way!! What is up with this??

  29. Megan. says:

    Nitrox, I am trying to follow your walkthrough,
    but when I put the blue lightbulb in the lamp and look at the paitings,
    all I see is the original painting.
    should the light be on or off?
    I tried both ways, but I can’t seem to find anything on the paintings,
    all I see is a series of rectangles and squars that make the shape of it at the beginning of the game.

  30. gus says:

    write down the shapes when you have the black light on and then wirte down the number of the slide on the digipad and your out

  31. nitrox says:

    ok so Megan, you need to turn the black light on, thats on the desk, not the central lamp your fuse needs to be in Show

    then turn the black light on (or i guess blue light on) and look at the paintings!

  32. nitrox says:

    oh i forgot as soon as you take of the box put the key there, cuz if you turn on the black light you get electricuted!

  33. nitrox says:

    reading all of the comments i can tell that people are confused about the shapes you need to look at the out side of the shapes Show

  34. emily says:

    i cant figure out the code for the digipad! help!

  35. poo says:

    da code is 346791871

  36. todd elliott says:

    to depress all the buttons in the fuse pannel do this Show

  37. Jessica says:

    i cant figure out the code i need help

  38. Aithne says:

    I’m so confused! How do you see the images from the projector? the ones that match the shapes…I don’t see a thing!

  39. jordan says:

    the code is Show

  40. josh says:

    how do you open the glass

  41. kristen says:

    i cant get the digicode!!!!!!! help me

  42. kristen says:

    i tried 55488 and i tried 346791871 and it didnt work!!!!! help please

  43. kristen says:

    anyone there

  44. Smarty says:

    Thx for the walkthrough nitrox but the I did everything right except the projector wont turn on when I press the sun button with it’s cover on.

  45. Jamie says:

    how do you get the lightbulb?

  46. Jamie says:

    how do i get all the dots pushed down?

  47. Penguins Play Pianos says:

    Hey can someone help i got the key, paper, orange juice, projector cover, and book and now im stuck. help?

  48. Penguins Play Pianos says:

    Can someone help me get the blacklight

  49. confused says:

    hahaha…………….this is impossible

  50. Confusy guy says:

    ok Nitrox i am so confused i done all besides that projector simbols how i see them i dont see nothin’ i turned that blue light on and i see some on paintings but i cant get projector o(=_=)o