Strawberry Tomato

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Strawberry ToamtoStrawberry ToamtoHere is the latest super production from Idac! After hits like The Bar, Il Destino, One-Off, The White Day and The Shochu Bar to name a few, Strawberry Tomato is a brand new Room Escape game that once again takes place in a Bar.

Check this new game out! Sit down and prepare yourself for a new exciting adventure.

But before, prepare yourself for hours of frustration: Gotmail servers are overcrowded and it takes a very long time to download the game at the time of writing!

Have fun!

Update: walkthrough in comment #15 (thanks Gorka!)

By Eric

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102 Comments to Strawberry Tomato

  1. Tim says:

    Figured it out. Sorry guys. I forgot to go back to the pictures for the new numbers. Duh.

  2. Diana says:

    …Okay. I’ve been playing this game for maybe about an hour or so, and so far, I haven’t gotten very far. The coordinates part is really pissing me off and the walkthrough monte so kindly provides us with has many steps that are either put out of order or are unhelpfully vague (that is, for me). I daren’t look for the beetle lest I have to look for the hiding place for the little house, and I haven’t found the little house yet. If anyone has an easier to follow walkthrough, I’d appreciate it.

  3. Cassanova says:

    HELLPP!!! I’m stuck at trying to get the third stone, I’ve already moved the coordinate board thing down showing a map…after i put the 5 digit code in (unlocks it) and now i can’t seem to figure out where i get that third stone…if anyone could help me PLEASE respond =]

    Thank ya.

  4. Cassanova says:



    the end =] Hope this works for you all…& thanx Monte, I just made a few corrections to the one you had put up, good job, although i saw a few complaints and i tried using yours for a few parts and got a lil confused…hope this one is a little more revised to help those who were a little confused like me =]

  5. Laura says:

    ok where do u get the first stupid rock i cannot find it??????

  6. fan -tic says:

    i can’t find the FAAAAAAAAAN!!!

  7. kdog says:

    I have clicked every square in the blueprint, but no way to get to the hidden place in the floor. The letters I got were “h” and “u”

  8. k-dog says:

    I have clicked all the squares in the blueprint and nothing happens. The letter’s I got were “h” and “u”. How do I get the spot to open?

  9. Heather says:

    Where is the fan?! Seriously number 16 is WAY too vague. All I see is two tables and that window, where the heck am I suppose to click?! GAH FRUSTRATED!

  10. Heather says:

    OK, for those that are stuggling to get the fan (I finally figured it out lol.)


  11. Nicole says:

    I can’t find a tree.

  12. Tom says:

    I have been tricked!
    The fan definatley has the letter “K”

    And I believe the statue shows an “H”. You are supposed to see a letter where the nose is once you place the statue on its platform, right?

    Coordinate K,H does not exist. Both the letters are on the same axis. I even clicked on every square in column K and H and nothing. Is there supposed to be an action once you hit the box?

  13. Tom says:

    Restarted the game, THIS TIME I have “Y” on the fan, and still an “H” on the statue.

    Am I not looking at the right spot on the statue? This time though, Y and H do meet on the grid, but it’s still not doing any good :-(

  14. Tom says:

    Restarted a third time O_o

    I have “Y” on the fan again, and I see an “H” where the nose would be on the statue AGAIN.
    Am I not looking at the right spot? It’s the damn coordinate on that statue that have me stuck. The fan is fine.

  15. Cloughie says:

    I have exactly the same problem, Tom. I have the coordinates Y & H but nothing happens when I click on the map or in that place in the room. I’ve even tried clicking on every single square on the map but nothing happens. Somebody help please!!!!!!

  16. Cloughie says:

    Aha!!!! I finally know how to get the map coordinates to work!!


  17. cy says:

    Thanks, Heather (for the explanation about the fan). It helped me.

  18. Nye says:

    how do you get the stone and stick together in the hole?

  19. stuck says:

    hw the *beep* u get the fan? its really confusing..

  20. stacy says:

    I got the statue but I tryed putting it in the candle holder but it won’t go in

  21. Raven says:

    Cloughie i cant seem to face the cabinet, so i cant find the gray thing so i cant find the FAN!!!!

  22. Raven says:



  23. Mighty says:

    love these types of games, but not this one..
    graphics are ok, but gameplay is not. usually there is
    a rational expanation to every step in the game.
    not this time.. I had a good time playing it though.


  24. Mighty says:

    also forgot to mention, must be some programing flaws.
    when i first played, i was stuck forever because i never
    got a red ball from under the bowls. so just out of “what the
    heck” i restarted it and there it was..also, code leters and numbers
    are different in every game so it seems. so you cannot use
    them on this board.

  25. Julie says:


  26. Random_Player says:

    uh to put the statue into the candle holder you need to rinse it first…

    (Well…what I did was rinse it, then use it to find the sunglasses Then I put it in :P)

  27. sonal83 says:

    i can’t have the sap from the branch…how can i get it and how can i put it on the pillar???

  28. sonal83 says:

    okk… i got it….but can’t find the nut

  29. sonal83 says:

    finished……..time consuming…

  30. yahya says:

    where is the sunglasses i clicked all the cupboards and they are not there

  31. spaleween says:

    I’m having trouble with the coordinates. I got K and H and clicked everywhere on the map and on the floor and still nothing happened. T_T

  32. Jon says:

    I can’t wash the statue in the water!!!!!

  33. Lucia says:

    for the washing Show

  34. Lucia says:

    but now I’m stuck at the finding the floor part with the coordinats,my coordinats are u and p but I can’t find the spot on the floor! any help please? :(

  35. Lucia says:

    ahh.. I get it Show

  36. airgear says:

    hey i dun really understand whr to eat the jelly at the last part..i placed the fan facing the chair but still i cant eat the jelly..n come on wat links?..

  37. Adrienne says:

    did everything up to washing the statue. I placed the statue in the holder but am totally unable to find the sunglasses! Clicked all over “cupboards”. Any one able to be more specific as to where the heck the sunglasses are? Which part of which cupboard? Tried removing and replacing statue and tried going around room after placing the statue in holder. I guess I’ll try replaying tomorrow and hopefully someone will see this and help!! Thanks to all

  38. louie says:

    what tree?

  39. muzo says:

    ı have mumbers and shapes.
    I dont know how tu use them?
    numbers are 8 6 1 3 8.

  40. Julie says:


  41. Julie says:

    how do i put the statue on the shelves

  42. Julie says:


    how do i get the branch from the bigger tree

  43. CloudRetro says:

    For the statue

    For the sunglasses

  44. Caroline says... says:

    I`m sorry, the game is very good, and difficult, i like it, but i just don`t know where i have to put the statue… I can`t find a candle holder and i just can`t put it anywhere, can somebody help me here??? It`s just a silly thing!!!!

  45. Julie says:

    ive got it

    you check the plant from the cellar and grab the branch from the plant that grown faster

  46. Julie says:


  47. goldilox says:

    Any one have any idea how long it takes for the tree to grow?. I even washed dishes and drank a glass of chocolate milk and it still hasn’t grown. left and come back sevaral times and no luck …:(

  48. goldilox says:

    Well I finally got the branch . Put sap on pillar. Long time waiting for the beetle…..

  49. juli says:

    my letters where K and H too so both in the same row on the grid. I klickt everywhere on that thing and nothing happend. just a waist of time.

  50. Ann says:

    I can’t find the flower.Wher is it??It isn’t in the celar.I would like to finish it!!!!