Bloons Tower Defense

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Bloons Tower DefenseBloons Tower DefenseFor those who get tired of shooting balloons in the Bloons series, Ninjakiwi has just released a new Tower Defense game based on the Bloons world.

Use the dart, tack, ice, bomb or superman towers to stop any balloons from escaping the maze. You can upgrade your towers or sell them for 80% of what you paid for them. Beware of the larger balloons that move faster and contain smaller balloons inside!

There is no real innovation in this game, but Bloons TD is challenging and you will probably need patience and practice to reach the 50th and last level of this game!

Have fun!

By Eric

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285 Comments to Bloons Tower Defense

  1. Ryan says:

    This game really isnt that hard just build only the dart tower and ugrade to percing towers its easy… after that its easy then u can build superman tower and 2 bomb towers. I only used one tack tower so…

  2. Ali Aamir says:

    I won the game with 37 lives left, 24 dart monkeys, 4 super monkeys, 1 bomb tower and 3785 cash. First time playing the game, guess those years of playing warcraft and other TD games really helped.

  3. Burneyy says:

    i cracked the game with 40 lives 24 dart towers 2 frost towers in last 2 rounds and 3 supermonkeys at first i thought its impossible to win that game but then yeahh

  4. ChaosFunk says:

    omg this game was easy…i had 35 monkeys and 4 supers plus 3 tacks
    just put 1 monkey in the beginning corner and end corner
    keep stacking them so they can hit both beginning and end paths
    place monkeys in places they can hit multiple places
    give your supers a good angle at all incoming bloons
    most addicting and easiest game ever played.

  5. patrick says:

    I won with 29 monkeys and 4 super monkeys. I ended up with 39 lives

  6. matt says:

    hey i just got level 41 its so hard!!! an one have cheats???? and thx jimmy u helped a lot

  7. matt says:

    i now cheat where u can get 20 super mkeys in the start

  8. Brandon says:

    WOWOWOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..are u guys serious! this might be the easiest game ever made..honestly, it took me the second try to beat the game…and the only reason i didn’t beat it on first was cause i didn’t understand that i had to upgrade each individual on…..I beat the the game with basicaly all of the basic monkey…i had like 13 of em’ with like 4 tanks…and ok a super monkey..but the point is the game is cake…if u can’t get past lvl 12 or 15 or whatever u guys are complaining about then u suck at like and u should never play a video game again

  9. matt says:

    I BET IT YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. matt says:


  11. matt says:

    I WON WITH 40 LIVES NE SUPER MONKEY ONE BOMB 5 MONKEYS AND ONE ICE I BET MY RECORD CAN U BET IT O BY THE WAY NO CHEATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. mamama says:

    beat game hahaha with a hell of a lot of monkeys


  13. canucks1989 says:

    i finish the 50 levels with 7 super monkey and also 20life left and just use the dart monkey the other things doesn’t work well so just use monkey and put your first dart monkey near the end but not too far from the ”n” near the start

  14. anden21 says:

    lol, I got 2 the last lvl with 30 lives because I had loads of monkeys, 1 supermonkey, 3 tacks, 1 freeze and 1 bomb. everything was tuned 2 the max except supermonkey’s
    epic range coz it makes it miss lots of bloons

  15. Chris says:

    Just completed the game-with help from placing as many of the tack towers on the first u-bend as possible, then adding two dart monkeys with full upgrades asap, then upgrading speed on the tack towers asap, until level 27/8, when I was able to afford a supermonkey(!). (Why don’t they teach sentences like that in schools?). Anyhoo, I bought supermonkeys as soon as I could afford them until I had 4, then between the lot of them they all laid waste to those [email protected]*ch bloons.
    Final Score:
    7 fully upgraded tack towers
    2 fully upgraded monkey dart towers
    4 supermonkeys (placed in a capital “T” rotated 90deg to the right formation across the centre of the screen)
    27 Lives
    9844 Cash
    Awesome, wholesome family fun. Congratulations to the game makers and developers for producing such quality fun for free online. Good luck to those who need it-remember; tack towers to begin with!

  16. mrtommyguy1 says:

    i win with 1 super monkey, 4 bombs, 2 freeze, 3 tacks, and 20 regulars monkeys!!!!
    my stategy worked amd i lost no lives

  17. Brandiddley says:

    I beat the game with all my lives and towards the end just started adding monkeys for the fun of it. Great at work game.

  18. james says:

    This game does not require anything but well placed regular monkeys. I played it once with tack towers and regular monkeys and ended up with 15K in cash and all my lives left. I also have beat it without the tack towers.

  19. Kent says:

    Round = 50
    Money = 7,542
    Lives = 40

    4 SuperMonkeys, 11 Tack Towers. Never used Freeze or Cannon. Never upgraded any range (distance) only power. I think on a rework I can get Money over $11,000. Not too tough once you get the hang of it. If you don’t believe me are images of my finished games.

  20. cabo says:

    here is how i won with 40 life and 3 super monkeys and 5 tacs and 7 monkeys

  21. monk man says:

    please, if you know any cheats, please tell me them at ****

  22. james says:

    I don’t know of any cheats but you dont need them-trust me. This game is fun but simple. It is not about trying to win but rather to see how well you can win ie how little you can get by with just by proper placement. Try differnt combinations; I like monkeys only or just monkeys and tack towers.

  23. John says:

    Finished level 50, I got a Countdown…
    I ended up with 6 Tacks, 5 Supers, 4 Darts, 3 Towers, {2}7 Money, {1}5 Lives.

  24. typat says:

    i finished with 68 tacks 2 super monkeys and 40 lives

  25. Ben says:

    I just beat the game ONLY using normal monkey towers, 116 in all. that’s it. pretty sad that You have to over think the game for it to be fun haha

  26. Ben says:

    P.S., 40 lives left

  27. cameron says:

    lol this games so easy if u cant do it ur all noobs… i got to lvl 43 still all lives :P

  28. cara says:

    how many levels are there i’ve only managed to get up to about 30, not had money to buy a super monkey yet

  29. james says:

    There are 50 levels and about 30K in money to be earned. I would reccomend not getting a super monkey; he is worth about 8.6 regular monkeys with the percing upgrade. Those 9 monkeys can kill 18 baloons per shot which is just as if not more effective than one supermonkey. One of my coworkers swears that one or two supermonkeys well placed with a few regular monkeys is the way to go but he doesnt end up with as much free cash at the end.

    PS I just won the game with 34 regular monkeys with only the pericing upgrade and all the lives left. I had $15170 left unspent. I didn’t even need all my monkeys there was one that failed to see any action.

  30. skate4life69 says:

    I beat it with 11 monkey towers with only darts upgraded, 2 fully upgraded tack towers, and 5 super monkeys without range upgraded. Just start with 2 tack towers at top of 1st u-turn and then only upgrade speed. Then start putting monkey towers along the right side of the 1st straight away but start halfway up so u can build super monkeys under them. Then build monkey towers along the left side of the 1st straight away. Make sure to only upgrade darts not range. Then you should just be able to save up for super monkeys. The only time you should lose lives is within the first few rounds. I beat it with 31 lives left

  31. Sheng says:

    Ended the game with just 7 Supers.

  32. Will says:

    I beat it with all 40 lives,
    10 Dart
    6 Tack
    2 Ice
    1 Bomb
    3 Super Monkey
    … And $4256

  33. lol says:

    won on first try!!!!!!!!!

  34. lol says:

    30 monkeys

    3 taks

    1 super monkey

    2 freeze

    i did well

  35. Super monkey says:

    Money is easy when u have SuperMonkey(Tnx for the walkthrough roder the one on 50)

  36. Super monkey says:

    Ha!I finished the game with 5 supermonkeys 4 tacks and 2 darts

  37. jakob says:

    i finished the game with 40 lives 5 super monkeys 8 tack towers and 3 dart monkeys no bomb or ice towers and had1908 money

  38. Undefeatable Ownage says:

    Beat it with 5 super monkeys (non-epic) and 38 lives. Follow Jimmy’s guide (#45)

  39. Xirho says:

    This game is really really easy, if you know what to do:

    Warning, this is a full walkthrough, do not click if you want to challenge yourself


    I did this in this way and completed the 50 levels with 40 lives

    I wrote this myself, do not resubmit it as your own work.

  40. james says:

    I just noticed that the accompaning spoiler shot for post 179 didnt make it up

  41. iPeters says:

    I won the game with…

    Money: 1047
    Lives: 27


    Monkeys: 9
    Tack Towers: 1
    Ice Towers: 1
    Bomb Towers: 5
    Super Monkey’s: 3

  42. bOmbEr says:

    Started playin yesterday. I did read the tips and followed some of them. I spent all money, made all rate upgrades possible and no range upgrades at all. Finished with 6 SuperMonkeys, 5 Tacks, $1034 cash and 38 lives. The 2 lives were lost on some of the first stages.
    Bought no Freezes, Bombs and Range Upgrades. Bought some Simple Monkeys only in the beginning.
    Tip: buy Tacks and upgrade them. As soon as possible, sell them and buy SuperMonkeys. Concentrate them in the center. I´ll try again, this time to make through with my 40 lives complete!

  43. Smell says:

    Lol I finished the game with 4 Super Monkeys and 58 Monkeys!

  44. Drew says:

    hey, i’ve already beaten the game. i just want to try to cheat so i can have fun with like 50 super monkeys or whatever. i read on some other website that there’s a cheat engine to give you an 8x money multiplier? could anyone help me with that? thanks.

  45. manstie says:

    I got to round 39 with 1 life left…

  46. bOmbEr says:

    Did it again, but this time I managed to keep my 40 lives. In the end I had:
    • 40 lives
    • 5 SuperMonkeys
    • 8 Tacks
    • $3235 cash
    Made all rate upgrades possible and no range upgrades at all. I even bought the other 2 towers (Freeze and Bomb) just 4 fun, and I can assure you: THEY SUCK!

  47. manstie says:

    The Best Walk Through Ever!!!
    If you don’t like cheating don’t show this:

    I do have further walk throughs but i CBB writing em down.

  48. manstie says:

    Yes i did finish the game and i got a picture to prove it!!!

  49. Phil says:

    that game was kinda easy… I just used like lotta tacs at the beginning with some monkeys at some spaces and super monkeys + 1 bomb tower :D

  50. Drew says:

    Seriously. Anyone who knows how to cheat, please tell me. Email me at Edit:****