Bloons Tower Defense

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Bloons Tower DefenseBloons Tower DefenseFor those who get tired of shooting balloons in the Bloons series, Ninjakiwi has just released a new Tower Defense game based on the Bloons world.

Use the dart, tack, ice, bomb or superman towers to stop any balloons from escaping the maze. You can upgrade your towers or sell them for 80% of what you paid for them. Beware of the larger balloons that move faster and contain smaller balloons inside!

There is no real innovation in this game, but Bloons TD is challenging and you will probably need patience and practice to reach the 50th and last level of this game!

Have fun!

By Eric

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  1. Czha says:

    jus use the plain old monkey, the more you get the better. After you have like 60 of em you can sell them all and buy 5 super monkeys and still have enough left over for 5 regulars, that how i beat it.

  2. beanie says:

    i have beaten this game twice
    the first time i followed the normal path. ie tacks darts bombs super monkeys.
    this did pressent a challenge

    i have since discovered that the easiest way to win is only to use bassic darts with the piercing upgrade only.
    extra range just makes them move around to much.
    the key to this stratagy is to have many moonkeys at the beginning of the line and fewer as you go allong untill the end were you eventually out 3 or 4 for backup.
    i have won this way with 32 lives and i lost all 8 within the first 12 levels because i was paying attention.
    it really isnt fun to play this way though as on the last level tghe bloons only make it halfway around the map. its a joke.

    another important trick is that you can place monkeys and buy upgrades while the round is running. so if your saving and all of a sudden you see a balloon or two is going to get by quickly place an extra tower near the end to clean them up.

    hope this helps

  3. Nick says:

    This game is pretty hard but on the 5th try i won it. I played on the one where taks cost 525 to. forget about taks, ice tower, and bombs there all useless. All you do i Keep buying dart monkeys. Once you buy a dart monkey upgrade it with peirce darts before you buy the next one. Once you have like 18 save up for a super monkey. Then just keep saving up for more super monkeys. Dont buy the epic range. Soon you will win the game.
    I won with 19 dartmonkeys ( all with peirce upgrade)/ and 5 super monkeys

  4. oyster says:

    well i just got done playing the game and i finished with 33 little monkeys 2 super monkeys which i didnt really need with all the little monkeys and 2 bombers which i also didnt need. So it wasnt that hard just buy all little monkeys with peircing bullets and nothing else and the whole game will be a breeze!its also a lot cheaper

  5. travis says:

    Yeah too easy, i beat it with all my lives, i had 16 tacks, 12 dart monkeys and 3 cannons, everything fully upgraded, no super monkeys

  6. king of bloons says:

    i beat it 2 it was kinda hard

  7. unseeablething says:

    I beat it the first time but lost a life early on… The second time I did it no problem, they didnt even get close to the exit.

    First two levels:

    Next levels, about to say…44.

    Last few levels, these are fun:

    This walkthrough will make this game seem weak. But it is non-hacking and you still win it!

  8. gopashie says:

    Just beat it 39 lives left.

  9. Nick says:

    i think just add monkeys until you have 10 with both upgrades in strategic points (u-turns, corners, etc.) where they’ll cover the most area. then get about 4 tacks at all the u-turns. once you can get a bomb, do. upgrade the explosiveness for sure. get at least 2 bombs with big boom upgrades. once you have 2120 money, sell both bombs and put a super monkey in the middle. $$ will come in quickly after that. keep buying bomb towers, upgrading boom power, and selling them for super monkeys. i finished with 3 Super Monkeys, 2 Tacks, 2 Bombs, 7 Regular Monkeys, and 17 Lives

  10. BOB the MONKEY MASTER says:

    it was really really simple, listen to me and you WILL WIN!!! first thing u do is buy all dart monkeys…no multi shooters or freezers or bombers, ALL DART MONKEYS! Now if you put them in nice corners and strightways you should be fine. Upgrading–the only one you upgrade is the dart upgrade NOT the range one. its useless with too many balloons and if u have enough monkeys… so after a couple of levels you should have an army of like 10 monkeys with the dart upgrade only, keep building this army up untill you have enough for a super monkey. Put the super monkey in the center of the map and (if you want) upgrade it. at the end of my game all i hade were 39 monkeys and 2 super monkeys, THIS IS A WINNING STRATEGY IF USED PROPERLY,

  11. Monkey Doo says:

    Easy. I just did it using only monkeys, with the penetrating dart upgrades only. I finished with about 50+ monkeys, given’ ’em hell. Line them up down the middle, and near the beginning, on both sides of the lanes; I didn’t have a single balloon get to the last quarter of the screen. Super Monkey is cool, but not needed. Ice and bombs work, but the money is better spent on dart towers.

  12. scott says:

    heres how i did it…
    ok and to show the placement i labeled the corners from 1 to 13 starting from the begining to end

    this was a perfect score


  13. cody says:

    just beat the game with 27 live left, never lost a life after around lvl 20 or so. didnt use a single super monkey. i had 1 bomb with bigger bombs, 3 tacks with faster shooting, and…prepare yourself…55 normal monkeys all with piercing darts.i had probably about 95% of the map filled with towers. even on the last level a balloon never got more than halfway down the screen.

  14. Monkey Doo says:

    Crikey… I just beat it with all lives, $10,000 in the bank, using only dart-towers WITHOUT upgrades.

    Once you figure it out, it’s pretty easy. Put darts inside the u-turns for maximum exposure to the balloons. Put lots of them in the center, so they can shoot balloons coming and going. Put lots of them in the upper left, above the first curve; that way, the ‘burst’ the balloons before they get to the main gauntlet, slowing them down. As soon as you get to $250, buy another dart tower, and just don’t stop. I got to the point where I could hardly find space for another tower (and it got REALLLLYYYY SLLOOOOWWW). Kinda fun; I’m gonna see if I can beat it with just needle towers next.

  15. Spencer says:

    Just place darts where they can reach 3 areas of the track at all times and upgrade them

    nuf said

  16. Monkey Doo says:

    Ok, peeps, this aint rocket science…

    Screen shot here

    I had to use three dart towers, in the u-shaped parts of the road on the right, until about level 10. After that, it was all pin-towers, baby…

  17. Rob says:

    This is one of the easiest strategies I’ve found and a few people have mentioned it here. All you do is buy dart towers and place them near corners of the path and make sure their range is also within another part of the path when possible e.g. in the middle. Once you have about 5, upgrade them all with the piercing darts. Then continue to buy a dart tower and place it near a corner of the path, then upgrade it with the piercing darts. Keep doing this and you’ll beat the game very easily.

    So: 1. Buy 5 dart towers and place them near corners of the path and make sure their range is also within another part of the path when possible e.g. in the middle.

    2. Upgrade them with piercing darts.

    3. Buy 1 dart tower and place it near a corner of the path.

    4. Upgrade it with piercing darts.

    5. Repeat 3 and 4

    You DO NOT need any other tower, other than the dart tower. You can get a perfect game with this strategy. In the end, you should end up with over 60 dart towers although you dont really need that many to beat this game. This game is not hard, it is very easy compared to other tower defense games in my opinion.

  18. David says:

    i finished this game with nonthing but 27 tack towers and lost no lives

  19. joe says:

    whoever made this game is a liar its so possible to win with just regular monkeys.

  20. zzz says:

    LOL this game rocks i beat it with 7 supers and 1937 money and full life

  21. zzz says:

    ok look…i beat this game another time…36 lives 8 super monkeys and nothing else……………
    still got 1818 money left over

  22. Cloud says:

    Hints and tips to beat Bloons Tower Defense:

    – Build dart towers. Upgrade them with piercing darts. Only purchase range if it is really worth it. (Not when they already have much grey ground within their reach)

    – Don’t build tack towers. They are funny, but I do not recommend them.

    – Place a coupple of bomb towers. Three will be enough. Fully upgrade them.

    – Do not sell towers quickly. Although you get 80% back you still lose money. When you have more than 3000 money you can sell some dart towers to buy a super monkey. Place it right in the middle.

    – Do not buy epic range. I know it is great, but it is too expensive. Supermonkeys already are, especially in later levels, shooting most of the round time.

    – Do not place many ice towers. One will do it. It will give you some time. Upgrade it completely and place it near your bomb towers. Do not place it too much near the end of the grey road. It’s useless there.

    If you follow up these advices, the game is not that hard. I beat it without losing one of my lives.

    Good luck!

  23. mushra2 says:

    lol i beat the game with about 11 tacks 4 monkeys and 3 supers simple game just place monkeys in middle and save for tacks then save for super monkey gg

  24. CJdubya says:

    beat it with
    5 supermonkeys (3 down the middle, one near the bottom left and another near the start)
    4 tacks (one at pretty much all the u-turns except for the bottom left one)
    1 canon (in the middle w/ the supermonkeys)
    1 dart (in the left corner, i started with one in the middle and near the top too, but i sold them)

    the key is to not upgrade in range. just in piercing darts (dart tower), bigger bombs (canon) and faster shooting (tack tower)

  25. DMX100 says:

    destroyed with only dart towers. had over 113 i couldnt put any more towers down. with still 1760 gold and 40 lives.

    HINT:You can beat the game with only dart towers not upgraded. I repeat just get darts and DO NOT UPGRADE!!!! Just get more of them.

  26. Nick says:

    Just beat the game, tons of fun and bar none the best bloons game yet Show

  27. JOe the kid says:

    I used only dart towers with piercing darts to beat level 50. (Alot of them near the beginning of the path)

  28. Billy says:

    made it 2 level 45 with 8 tacks and 3 super monkeys

  29. ADAM J. L. says:

    i beat the game afet 2 trys. really though, if you have entought tacks(5) and monkeys(6) untill level 20, with just faster speed and darts yu will have enough money for a supermonkey. DONT BE STUPID AND BY EXTRA RANGE! DEOSNT HELP, ESPECIALLY FOR TACKS. If you buy range for anything buy it for a supermonkey that is placed in the middle.(it cover the WHOLE COURSE). WITH MY SET UP NO BLOONS MADE IT PAST TEH 2ND U-TURN AFTER LEVEL 20. ENJOY

    check out my set up… Admin:your link doesn’t work!
    4 SUPER MONKEYS -upgraded 1 epic range
    4 MONKEY TOWERS-all upgraded dart
    6 TACKS-all upgraded speed
    1 CANNON-upgraded bomb (had 2 cannons but sold 1 for supermonkey)

  30. joe says:

    w0000000000t i finally did it and had 23 lives left
    i beat it with 5 super monkeys 2 normal monkeys 2bomb cannons and 19 tac towers
    dont buy freez towers theyre a waste of money

  31. katman says:

    dude i got to lvl 27 on my 3rd try its pretty easy!!!

  32. mattios says:

    WOOO!!! beat it with 38 lives to go!! such a fun game, wish the path was longer though. I anxiously wait the arrival of bloons defense towers 2!!

  33. eat it says:

    I beat it with 37 lives left.

    3 super monkeys, 9 tack towers (only need 8), 4 regular monkeys :)

  34. I beat it easily. says:

    Just beat it, 40 lives left, I’ll give you a complete walkthrough that works really well!

    Beat it with 9 tack towers (all upgraded except the seventh one I added, had no range), 5 monkeys (upgraded all the way), and 3 supermonkeys (all upgraded except first one I added.

    OK, here goes. NOTE: ALWAYS do range upgrade before others!


    Hope this helps, it really works well!

  35. I beat it easily. says:

    Whatever they say about all dart monkeys or no range is nonsense, follow my instructions.

  36. don says:

    wow… everyone uses all the guns I guess… I had 12 darts and 2 super monkeys with 2 tacks and at level 48 or 49 I sold 2 more darts just to get another super monkey + upgrade… pff… lost like 2 lives or something. Game is boring… need more levels to let the super monkeys unleash.

  37. Steven says:

    This game isn’t that hard or complex. My strategy basically uses only the dart towers and eventually the super monkey. Start with one dart tower and upgrade. Whenever you have enough money to buy a dart tower and all of your dart towers are already completely upgraged do it. After a while you’ll start to notice that you’re making about one-thousand per level. Once your there buy a super monkey. It’s OK if you have to sell a couple dart towers to do it. There is no need to upgrade range just yet. It actually gets easyer from there. Just remember to put most of your towers and super monkeys on the first four corners.
    I finished with 40/40 lives, 15 dart towers completely upgraded, 4 super monkeys with one upgraded, and 2000 extra money on my first try.

  38. no super monkeys says:

    i finished the game without super monkeys just 1 tack tower over 20 dart towers and 1 bomb and 1 ice

    and…last i ask one question and please answer it quick is there any cheats to this game?

  39. Jess says:

    one of the hints is wrong… you CAN use only dart towers and still beat the game… :)

  40. u all suck says:

    common …..26 monkeys… 1 dart…. 4 super monkeys…40 lives

  41. THIS IS BY FAR THE BEST AND MOST SIMPLISTIC WAY TO WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I WON WITH 40LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    AND NOT USING A SINGLE SUPER MONKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    SEE PICTURE BELOW TO SEE FOR YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. own4ge says:

    i beat the game with 57 tack towers =0

  43. JASPER says:


  44. chris phillips says:

    well i have completed the game with all my lives left….never buy a tower or ice thingo….only ever buy two tacks and put them at the top left….and buy as many monkey towers as possible….you are better to buy lots and lots of monkey towers then to upgrade them as well….the best upgrade is the monkey tower upgrade to piercing darts….i finished the game with over 20000 coins….

  45. i beat wit 5 supas,7tacs wit speed upgrade,6 dart wit 3 balon upgrade,and no bloddy range ice or bomb.omg those suk!

  46. bak i forgot to say all lifes and 3632 moneys!

  47. matt swimmer thats really crazy, crazy!

  48. it was my 2nd try first i made to lvl 37 i was pissed lol!

  49. shadowDnut says:

    i beat the game with 4 hypermonkey and 15 dart and 11 lives its realy easy on once you get ur second hyper i just keep tryin to work on gitting more hypers and sooner or later i won

  50. Khyrhon says:

    I won on my third try with 40 lives left, and during the process I was able to buy two super monkeys that I didn’t need and three that actually were of some use.