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The PrivacyThe PrivacyThe latest Room Escape game developed by IDAC, the Japanese creators of Il Destino and Il Destino R (read this post) was released today and is available on their website Gotmail! In this brand new story, you are a genius programmer who is able to crack any computer system in the world.

But it looks like someone has decided to modify the game’s rules: today, your position has changed from the “monitor side to the monitored side”: unknown forces have taken over the control of your high-tech office and you can’t get out of there!

Click on the screen four times successively to read the credits and start playing. The atmosphere of the game reminds me the famous novel written by George Orwell, Nineteen Eighty-Four: the book was dropped somewhere on a table in the office, but it seems to be useless…

With gorgeous visuals and graphics, The Privacy should entertain a lot of people on the Web in the next few weeks, but with over 5.7 MB to download, a high-speed Internet connexion is strongly recommended.

Have fun!

Download file size: 5.7MB. Flash Player 8 required.

By Eric

current rating 3.75


211 Comments to The Privacy

  1. Dave says:

    what is the antena and what do u put it into

  2. DUSTIN says:



  3. deb says:

    zoe, THANK YOU for the hints…mine was the salon pic and you’re right, it was the WASTEBASKET, WIRE RACK, AND THE LEDGE ON THE LEFT HAD MOVED. I appreciate it! =)

  4. Dorthe says:

    The wire puzzle doesn’t work for me. I did exactly like the picture showed, checked it several times but still it says “failed”. I have the password but can anyone please pretty please tell med the ID?

  5. Dominic says:

    I can get the blender and the wine glass but cant find the last one!!!!!!!!
    someone plz just tell me the last one!

  6. Dominic says:

    Never mind i got it!!!

  7. David says:

    56 sam – July 27,2006 – 7:42 pm

    chris- u dont u go bak to main room go to door under the stair….thats where u get out 4m

    Guys use this if stuck at lasers a was stuck at the last set of lasers and i seen this woohoo anyways gr8 game likes

  8. Kyle Regal says:

    Very well designed game, I’m hoping for more games like this, not very hard tho, took me 10 mins without walkthrough.

  9. bernas says:

    my red cell phone doesn t have no card inside

  10. bernas says:

    never mind,its from the blue cell phone to the red,but im stuck now i click in the red light and nothing happens and i cant past the lasers,,please helppppp

  11. Anthony says:

    Damn this is Crazy ass game! Thanks Eric.

  12. KIRODE says:

    Good game. I love Walkthroughs

  13. degurl says:

    i put the antenna into the receiver…and there was a black circle which is the wiretap. But what do i do with it?? what do u mean its in the phone?

  14. degurl says:

    nevermind…got it…its more like…click the receiver after connecting the antenna and then click it on the phone.

  15. robbie says:

    i cant get past the last swt of lasers

  16. Philippines says:

    yay! finished

  17. Lieven says:

    Hi guys, about the 3 differences:
    you can always use your Prt Sc (Print Screen) button, paste it in Paint or photoshop, and keep the first pic open whilst examining the second.


  18. sasha says:

    were are the freaking wire taps!!!!!!!!!i just see a map and a circle on the reciever!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. daniela says:

    if you are stuck in the last laser sensors:


  20. sasha says:

    im out that was complicated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Marisa says:

    I’m on the three differences and I have the cart thing (which I’m guessing is the blender?) and the garbage can, but what is the third one?

  22. Marisa says:


  23. Victoria says:

    i can only find two differences…

    please help!

  24. Victoria says:

    thanks just got it

  25. sell says:

    Where is the blue cell phone ? Help me TT

  26. joel says:

    i cant get the user id i have but i have the password

  27. Diana says:

    This is an okay game, a bit dull (but not as dull as Vision Museum -.-) but still very tricky. I had to use the walkthrough and didn’t encounter much difficulty when using the walkthrough.

  28. spike says:

    how do you remove the red memory vard from red phone?

  29. spike says:

    never mind, i figured that the card was in the blue phone, not red

  30. Elner says:

    How Do I get the Last Wiretap?

  31. Rhianna says:

    ive clicked the screen on the receiver but for some reason the password wont come up.please help eric

  32. Rhianna says:


  33. Rhianna says:

    Wen I tri too get the pasword from the screne al that it says is

    sum1 has embeded wire-taps in too this room

  34. Rhianna says:

    that it im of by by

  35. James says:

    you say go upstairs and use the blue car but mine is shadowed and wont let me use it!

  36. ali says:

    whats the threee letter word

  37. Elliott says:

    wat r the differences

  38. Elliott says:

    i can only find the blender and the reflection

  39. crazy01234 says:

    i dont know watthe third reflection please tell meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  40. Paul says:

    Id and password is!!!


  41. Snowman says:

    FreeGamesNews, I am having trouble entering the ID and password. What is wrong?
    And Paul, ID and password change each game.

  42. Eric says:

    Sorry Snowman, I have no idea!?

  43. Snowman says:

    Oh, sorry! I was putting in the ID and not clicking enter, thinking that they would then ask me for the password. But I figured out you both do them at the same time.

  44. T-Noin says:

    I can’t get past the last laser beam before the last lock door

  45. jessica says:

    i cant find the grey cord on top of the computer. which computer

  46. Sam says:

    good walkthrough and the third difference is the martini glass

  47. jess says:

    i keep clicking the phone and the reciever is on, still no tap please help

  48. jess says:

    how do you get the 3rd tap and 4th it does’nt work

  49. anna says:

    what is the password

  50. Julie says:

    I can’t open the glass door. I took the yellow keycard and used it on the glass door, but nothing happened. My yellow keycard isen’t in my item box any more. Please answer me. (sorry for my english, I’m from Norway) :)