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The PrivacyThe PrivacyThe latest Room Escape game developed by IDAC, the Japanese creators of Il Destino and Il Destino R (read this post) was released today and is available on their website Gotmail! In this brand new story, you are a genius programmer who is able to crack any computer system in the world.

But it looks like someone has decided to modify the game’s rules: today, your position has changed from the “monitor side to the monitored side”: unknown forces have taken over the control of your high-tech office and you can’t get out of there!

Click on the screen four times successively to read the credits and start playing. The atmosphere of the game reminds me the famous novel written by George Orwell, Nineteen Eighty-Four: the book was dropped somewhere on a table in the office, but it seems to be useless…

With gorgeous visuals and graphics, The Privacy should entertain a lot of people on the Web in the next few weeks, but with over 5.7 MB to download, a high-speed Internet connexion is strongly recommended.

Have fun!

Download file size: 5.7MB. Flash Player 8 required.

By Eric

current rating 3.75


211 Comments to The Privacy

  1. sarah says:

    where is the wire???? can someone teLL me where can i find the wire???

  2. sarah says:

    nvm! i g0t it!

  3. Mijo says:

    I’m stuck how do you Show

    i click randomly everywhere, but the last one is too hard! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!!

  4. matt says:

    send me a puzzle pic, i cant find out how 2 solv it

  5. Andrew says:

    here ware do u find the red cellphone

  6. ryan says:

    how come i cant open the door under the stairs???!!!!

  7. peepod says:

    this game was friggin awesome. the best escape game I played so far – especially in terms of artwork, design, back story, message…. just spectacular. I wish they were all in English though… wow why can’t we make games this intelligent and good looking. LOVED IT!!!! Great exercise for the brain – keeps you on your toes. Although I had all but 4 items towards the end – I had to use the cheats because I just couldn’t figure out those last four items. So pretty much after I was reading this after step 15. It seems like a lot of cheats but like I said, I had most all items anyway and got stuck- the last four that I couldn;t get were the crucial ones – LOL. Figures. Darn it – I can’t wait to crack the complex ones like this on my own with no cheats. I did Il Destino and One Off R with no cheats and that was an awesome feeling. I love these hard ones though. To the designers and the translators – AWESOME JOB designing the best escape games of them all. To the guy who thought this was easy – WOW. Very cool of you to be able to do these with no probs… And to all you escape artists and puzzlers out there – I gotta say lovin how you guys are so open and helpful with each other. Great gamesmanship!!!

  8. ryan says:

    i need help with the wire taps. they all look the same. also, i cant get the password from the reciever either.

  9. Brad says:

    After collecting the red phone, I’m unable to go back downstairs. The door is locked, and it’s telling me I need some items to open it. Any suggestions?

  10. jose says:

    wat reflection is it i dont get it

  11. natasha says:

    feeling very frustrated i can’t find the grey cord or what ever it is from on top of the computer. there is nothing there. im afriad there is a glitch in the game. Im at the stage of going u[p the stairs put in the phone and open the door and come to an empty room with a computer in it. I played the game got the password but wheres this stupid item to open the next door?