Cut The Rope

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Cut the Rope is an award-winning physics-based puzzle video game for handheld gaming platforms.

It was developed in 2010 by Russian developers ZeptoLab and is published by Chillingo.

The object of each level is to maneuver a piece of candy into the mouth of a green cartoon monster called “Om Nom”.

This game is now available online for the most current browsers.

Have fun!

By White Wolf

current rating 2.58


3 Comments to Cut The Rope

  1. Ekoms says:

    I love this game on my android just wish they had put in all the levels instead of this watered down version

  2. afs says:

    this needs a windows 7..
    doesnt it works on XP??

  3. merynia says:

    It only runs on Internet Explorer?!?!?!!!??!
    Tried Chrome anf Firefox and it keeps saying I need a new browser. And Windows 7. What’s wrong with other OSes?! Silly developers. >:(