Enter the Apartment

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Enter The ApartmentEnter the Apartment is not a Room Escape game but more likely an “Enter the Room” game, and your goal here is obviously to open the door and enter the apartment. The game is a little bit buggy, due to “bad collision detection”, but it’s still playable though. Have fun!

Update: walkthroughs in comments #18 and #24 (thanks Dave and Katie!)

By Eric

current rating 4.10


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  1. Sherri says:

    I can’t get the oil can and crowbar to work, this is not one of my favorites

  2. Mema says:

    yay im finished!

  3. Mema says:

    I Dont Know How It Worked For Me But I Followed That Walkthrough…

  4. Andii says:


    I hate this game.
    I don’t understand how to cut the wire,
    It just keeps saying “shouldn’t you turn off the power frist.”‘
    If i don’t cut the damn line, I can’t turn off the power.

  5. Taz says:

    There is a simpler (but less fun) way to win the game though… Here it is

    I hope the spoiler works, I’m new to the html stuff

  6. alisha says:

    how do u turn the clock ??… help

  7. chrissy says:

    The red box is easy, Show

  8. Nicole says:

    ugh!! im getting SO FREAKING ANNOYED!!! i have done everything except i CANT cut the white wire!!! i’ve tried opening the RED BOX then putting oil on it but its not WORKING!! i’ve cut the power off but the stupid box!! won’t OPEN!!! dammit!!

  9. dana says:

    i cant open the red tool box i took the crowbar on it like 30 times it gave me grippers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i hate this game

  10. HIMe says:

    I can`t open the **** door

  11. danita says:

    what’s the orange key for?? I finished the game and I didn’t use it…and, by the way, I had the pliers in my inventory years before I realise, and I kept on clicking and clicking…haha ¬¬

  12. Brianna says:

    ok… so help me…

  13. sarah says:

    i cant get the cable thing or the lock to open help please

  14. jd1821 says:



  15. Jessica says:

    This game was a waste of time people. It was useless and stressful..poorly created too..some stuff you dont even need..the leaf which i looked like mad woman for it didnt even needed it! it was a waste of my time…good luck to rest of you! dont stress over it! tho

  16. CICIBELA says:


  17. Susan says:

    I got through the game, that is, up until trying to open the apartment door. I have tried every which way and then some to get that key to unlock the door but I just can’t find the right spot…I’m running out of spots and ideas! Any thoughts anybody?

    Irritated and wanting to move on!!!!;)

  18. vv says:

    after more than 100 clicks with the oil and crowbar… and restarting the game. No more. too buggy

  19. Samson says:

    Oh my God,

    as mentioned several times above I tried first the oil on the left side of the red box like about 15 times, then the crowbar again 15 times, and nothing happened. It said “it´s too rusty”. Then I changed my strategy and I used the crowbar with the oil first (combining those two tools). Even if I couldn´t see any change (the oil remained oil and the crowbar remained a crowbar) there might have been a significant change because doing like this and using now the crowbar directly on the red box it opened immediately…

  20. amy says:

    i cant open the red box plz help if tried 4 like 5 mins and still not working plz help me i am really stuck i wanna do this game and i have read all the walkthoughs plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    amy age 11 frm northampton

  21. Hayy says:

    Where is the red tool box???????

  22. roth says:

    i cant get in the apartment,please give walkthrough:)

  23. roth says:

    the red tool box is in the closet lol but is the orange key the apartment key?

  24. roth says:

    amy….u have to just put the oil on the box 1 and then click the box with your crowbar and then u hav grippers

  25. roth says:

    please reply soon:(

  26. cuty says:

    please tell me the walkthrough

  27. ariel says:

    Enter the Apartment walkthrough…


  28. nicole says:

    where is the wire??

  29. Terrance says:

    Where is the white wire?

  30. nuttr08 says:

    where have u gotta do the oil near the handle or closest to the cupboard?

  31. DD says:

    This game is TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    NO WAY OF ACCOMPLISHING THE THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    SPOILERS…..as you call them……..ARE USELESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Charlie says:

    This game is not that hard – it’s a little rough in places but that’s all. I can’t believe how many walkthroughs there are – the first one is fine. What do you people expect – baby easy games with no challenge to them?

  33. Lola says:

    i have a problem. i went to the stupid power thing and i opened the lock with the colors. then the white box wont open!!! :@

  34. Lola says:

    THIS GAME SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!! I won but it sucks! Don´t even bother playing it.. the ending is so disapointing. They could at least show you whtas inside the apartment!

  35. vix847 says:

    Okay, this is really annoying!!! I got

    I read the comments about opening the red toolbox BUT IT WON’T OPEN!!!!!!! I apply the oil but then it says ‘It’s too rusty’, is it referring to the toolbox or the crowbar?

    Help please!!

  36. vix847 says:

    okay, I did it. I’ve seen some rubbish games before but this takes the cake. Listen to Lola. DON’T PLAY IT! IT SUCKS!


  37. Jessica Meyer says:


  38. Austin says:

    How to get in the toolbox


  39. Homer Simpson says:

    im in…good game :)

  40. ME says:

    how do you use the screwdriver on the power box!!!!!!!!!! someone HELPPP!!!! LOL

  41. nick says:

    uh how come ive left that power box for 50 mins and yet its not “yet nessesary”

  42. rena says:

    damm that game sucks

  43. Jvonr92 says:

    OMFG i am finally finished! Heres some hints and tips from me




  44. matt says:

    who has got the oil can? because if you havent its behind the bottle on the shelf just slide it and you will find it!

    there is a key behind the cupboard (silver key) and a key under the door mat?


  45. lauren says:

    Power box was easy to figure out!!! but i cant get the ripper thing from the tool box. i’m doing what it says…keeps saying “it’s too rusty” when i use the crowbar

  46. britt says:

    yall dont worry about the v-meter when trying to use it on the powerbox i was trying for a hour until i decided to just click the 4th swith. it works. then go cut the wire.

    when using the key, point the CURSER on the doorknob. don’t use the key like you would use it in real life.

    yeah i got out after 2 hours.

  47. roxasora225 says:

    i put in the code but its not oppening up the lock!!!!! plz help!

  48. . says:

    i can’t get the fusebox open.. those stupid screws!

  49. . says:

    i found it, you had to enter the code also..

  50. hamish says:

    how do i get the electric map it’s says it’s too far away and i can’t cut the white wire next to the vacume and broom stuff it’s friecken annoying