Gotmail – Employer

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Employer is the latest Room Escape game released at Gotmail, where you can play all IDAC’s games.

Find a way to get rid of your nasty boss!

Have fun!

Update: 03.22.12. Employer is now available in English!

Employer walkthrough (thanks Lizzy!)

By Eric

current rating 2.78


13 Comments to Gotmail – Employer

  1. Scout88 says:

    Not making much progress. Can’t even navigate past the first screen shot. Wish I knew Japanese.

    • aliceboy says:

      I suspect that the Japanese that keeps coming up in that first shot says something along the lines of ‘You don’t want anyone to come in while you’re poking around in here!’ Hope that helps.

  2. aliceboy says:

    I’ve managed to collect some stuff, but now I’m stuck! Sure would help to know the lingo, right?

  3. aliceboy says:

    Oh, goddammit! I am officially over this game. I thought I remembered hating gotmail games, and now I realise I was RIGHT! Not only is it a pixel hunt, but you can completely screw yourself by missing a step. I’m outta this. >:(

  4. Kira says:

    Can’t read Japanese really well,
    but it’s like talking about a maid who tried to leave the job,
    and the host wouldn’t let go.
    So she fled to the basement and tried to escape.

  5. yiping says:

    there’s a wooden board you got from the top of the boxes underneath the staircase, and then place it on the door handle to prevent it being open. and then you can move around the room…

    • aliceboy says:

      Oh sure, yiping, give it right up to everyone so they don’t have to struggle like the rest of us! ;)

  6. Jonhk says:

    I found the cell phone and called police….but require extension number….. weird! calling police need an extension!!

    Up to this point, not much problem with the language….

  7. Anemic says:

    Starts out OK, but there’s a huge language barrier later in the game.

  8. Lizzy says:


    Note: Certain actions need to be done before other actions become available.






    Fan Puzzle

    Fridge Puzzle

    Crate Puzzle

    Top Drawer Puzzle

    Bottom Drawer Puzzle

  9. teresa says:

    HOw do you make the phone say “the next one is new”? I’ve got my blood red solution in the can, but what to do wiht the arrow and the pills?