Rubble Trouble – Moscow

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Rubble Trouble – Moscow is the third installment in the Rubble Trouble physics puzzle series from Nitrome.

Your goal remains the same: destroy buildings and collect money while avoiding hitting protected buildings and workmen.

Rubble Trouble – Moscow features 30 brand new levels and should appeal to anyone who likes the series.

Have fun!

By Eric

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26 Comments to Rubble Trouble – Moscow

  1. Toxic says:

    Stuck on job six… I know what to do (I think) but can’t get it to work :-/

    • guy#7 says:

      First knock out the concrete body on the top of the screen, the one to the left. Then knock out the explosives holding the the metal “hammerhead” to the top. Now watch the bear destroy the building.

  2. cadet says:

    Level 6

    • Toxic says:

      Thanks! Show

  3. Donut says:

    how about level 17. Im stuck there

  4. Mima says:

    I need help on 5

    • Gojman says:

      Level 5

  5. :) says:

    job 17!!!!!

  6. abcabc says:

    job 8

  7. Unowninator says:

    Wait, I thought swearing isn’t allowed here, so how does somebody have the s-word as their username?

  8. wazup?! says:

    level 8?? cant get it!!

  9. afdsgjrs says:

    level 23 please i don’t know what to do

    • bbo says:

      I put two thrusters on the back side of the racked balls to spread the balls out & then put local thrusters to drive them into the pockets

  10. nicolas says:

    level 5 help

    • Larry says:

      level 5 is an easy level. First, use the drill on the 2 long brick that holds the metal.Shoot a Molotov at the leg of the building, make sure the fire burns the building. Done.

      • jaikia says:

        thats level four!

      • Larry says:

        Destory the left bottom part so that it doen’t explodes the explosive on the metal bar. Then use the magnet to attract the metal bar with explosive and the bar must be lying on the both sides of the building. Use your tank and shoot whichever sight you want and watch the building blows up by itself!

  11. nicolas says:

    level 7

  12. hfwehrw says:

    i cant get level 17

  13. Larry says:

    Stuck at level 30.

  14. Larry says:

    LEVEL 17!

  15. Yeti says:

    Need help in level 16

  16. Kvitka says:

    I’m stuck on job 4.

  17. boogeyboo says:

    need help in lvl 8 plz