Home Sheep Home 2

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Shaun, Timmy and Shirley are back in Home Sheep Home 2, the sequel to Home Sheep Home, a popular platform puzzler from Aardman Digital!

The gameplay remains the same: use the arrow keys to move and jump and click the sheep you want to move or press 1,2,3 to select your sheep.

Sadly, just like its predecessor, Home Sheep Home 2 features only 15 levels.

With that said, you don’t want to miss this one!

Have fun!

Note: please be patient while the game is loading…

By Eric

current rating 4.19


3 Comments to Home Sheep Home 2

  1. aliceboy says:

    Very cute…but I don’t know that I’ll stick to it through all 15 levels.

  2. Ionut says:

    Fun stuff