TimeFall – Black And White Enigma

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Black And White Enigma is the latest Room Escape game from TimeFall.

“Escape from this black and white room full of different things which may help you to escape, collect all the needed ying yang symbols to solve the main puzzle!”

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 3.64


6 Comments to TimeFall – Black And White Enigma

  1. Toxic says:

    Nice escape game as usual :-)

    Apart from…
    I had trouble with one of the drawer puzzles. The first thing I tried didn’t work, then when I tried it again later (after trying various other combinations) it did :-/

    • hilman says:

      did you mean Show

      well the clue is Show

      just follow the color’s order ;)

      • Toxic says:

        That’s the one.

  2. TattooedGrl75 says:

    Nice easy game this time..no problems thats a first

  3. PvP says:

    Those TimeFall escapes are the same every time. It would be more challenging if they vary a bit…

  4. civilizationinruins says:

    The final puzzle, Show