Kaitai Dismantlement – Chapter White Keyboard

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Kaitai Dismantlement – Chapter White Keyboard is the latest installment in the Kaitai Dismantlement series from Gam.eBB.

In this Point’n’Click puzzle game, as its name says, you will have to dismantle a keyboard. To do so, you only have a screwdriver.

And your brain.

And that’s it! Now the question is: why would you take apart this keyboard? Fans of the series know why…

Have fun!

Kaitai Dismantlement – Chapter White Keyboard walkthrough (thanks smudge!)

By Eric

current rating 4.43


13 Comments to Kaitai Dismantlement – Chapter White Keyboard

  1. Serebix says:

    Quiet easy one.


  2. goldlust says:

    Yeah, nice and easy this time. Hope the next one is a little more challenging.

  3. Kim says:

    I love these games. A little bit more challenging would be good though.

  4. Toxic says:

    And almost as easy as taking apart an actual white keyboard (which I did recently after spilling a drink on my eMac ;-) )

  5. dg says:

    Shorter and less challenging than previous dismantlement games, but still fun.

  6. Unowninator says:

    WTF? This game isn’t in English; only Japanese. And I’m pretty sure the other games had both languages.

  7. smudge says:

    Finished!! going to try and write a walkthrough for it if anyone wants one….

  8. smudge says:







    Please let me know how I did, I appreciate feedback.

  9. tonepoet says:

    This is the easiest one yet! Made it through in about 10 minutes. I love it!

  10. osmodiar says:

    Short. The puzzles were solvable, too. Your walkthrough is just fine.