Flash512 – Village Wooden Room Escape

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Here is the latest Room Escape game from Chinese website Flash512. Today, Village Wooden Room Escape!

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Have fun!

By Eric

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7 Comments to Flash512 – Village Wooden Room Escape

  1. aliceboy says:

    Very nice, short and fairly simple. Places that stuck me: the thing behind the teapot table is Show

    that gets used on the Show

    which you need to Show

  2. neocro says:

    First and out….
    Pretty easy.
    Don’t forget to pull the items from your inventory
    to the the place you need it…

  3. Toxic says:

    I really must stop going round to these strange people’s houses where they keep locking me in and vanishing ;-)

    And why, when I find an axe, don’t I just chop the door down? :-P

  4. EllenD says:

    Why do I always forget to DRAG the inventory items to where I need them in Flash512 games? The game was a LOT easier once I read Neocro’s reminder.

  5. goldie says:

    Congrats, thnx all.

  6. hilman says:

    d*mn, looks like finding Show

    was a big issue for me..
    just take a deep look into the Show

  7. Gamewinner99 says:

    Very very simple i was in and out