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ConnexionsConnexionsConnexions is a nice real-time puzzle game, something between the famous Tetris and Plumber from Terrypaton. The goal is pretty easy to understand: click on the pipe segments to rotate them clockwise and try to create a continuous pipeline. The longer the pipeline is, the more points you’ll be rewarded. Once completed, the pipeline disappears and new segments fall down from the top of the screen to replace the previous ones.

Thorsten Diessner, Connexions designer, has made a really good job here. Graphics are nice and the race against the clock definitely makes the game tense at times.

On the downside, the game comes without any real soundtrack, just the same little boring sound when your click a pipe segment. I recommend you use the option to turn the sound off, and find instead a sweet melody on your favorite web-radio.

I would also have appreciated to be able to pause the game (with a hidden screen, of course), in order to relax at high levels.

Connexions would probably have been even more tricky with pipes crossing over just like in Plumber 2, but may be then less addictive than it is.

overall, easy to learn, easy to play, Connexions is a fun and addictive game.

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 3.00


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