Abroy – Numismatic Mystery

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After Sewer’s Secret, here is Numismatic Mystery, the latest Room Escape game from Abroy.

“You might think that escaping from old sewer’s room is easy but you will be surprised.”

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 3.25


5 Comments to Abroy – Numismatic Mystery

  1. hilman says:

    just usual abroy..
    and i’m not surprised, eric.. lol

  2. Toxic says:

    Easy! :-)

  3. dg says:

    The number puzzle: Show

  4. dg says:

    Some hints:
    3-color puzzle: Show

    Vertical number puzzle: Show

    Horizontal number puzzle: Show

    Additional hint for horizontal number puzzle: Show

  5. sdm says:

    vertcal no is 7436 and horizontal no is 7885. Colour puzzle ?.