Reincarnation: TFHH – The Final Happy Hour

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Reincarnation: The Final Happy Houris the next addition to the Reincarnation series created by C. Gianelloni.

“Enjoy TFHH with a glass of milk.”

Have fun!

Note: please be patient while the game is loading…

By Eric

current rating 4.24

13 Comments to Reincarnation: TFHH – The Final Happy Hour

  1. DNOMN8R says:


  2. DNOMN8R says:

    Beat it but have to head out. I’ll post a w-thru when I get back.

  3. hilman says:

    lol, i thought the bad guy was Show

  4. DNOMN8R says:

    Walkthrough cum commentary:











  5. goldie says:

    Thnxxx DNOMN8R you are so kind.

  6. VagueKatti says:

    If you Show

    , you get a medal

  7. DNOMN8R says:


  8. bart says:

    This game sucks, if you help the guy in the toilet BEFORE changing price in the bar (like I do) then the customer will NEVER go out of money and you will never be able to take his phone.

    • Tobberoth says:

      Yeah, same happened here, you get stuck since the guy just keeps drinking disregarding the sign. They probably should have playtested the game some more.

  9. Sarah says:

    One more medal to get. If you Show

  10. z3u5 says:

    at last i can win this game. thnx

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