Robamimi – Tamago

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After One Scene, Ancient Scripts, Hermit Rabi and Wonder Fountain, Who I Am? 18, Who I Am? R 20, Etude, Dad Escape, New – Who Am I? and more, here is Tamago, the latest Room Escape game from Robamimi.

Have fun!

Alternative link

Tamago walthrough (thanks Sol!)

By Eric

current rating 4.45


11 Comments to Robamimi – Tamago

  1. manami says:

    This was so much fun and such a cute end! 10 stars!

  2. Genie says:

    Nice little game. A bit taxing but logical puzzles.

  3. Toxic says:

    I can’t get either link to work…
    The title screen loads (occasionally) but that’s as far as it will go :-/

  4. hilman says:

    @toxic : try the alternative link

    anyway, great fun, and the hints in the game really help a lot..
    nice wind-up duckling..

  5. osmodiar says:

    Holy ducklings

  6. Sol says:

    Walkthrough, anyone?


  7. robstar says:

    One of the best Room Escpapes ever!!

  8. aliceboy says:

    Another nice Robamimi, although I did need to use a hint one time. And who doesn’t like a game with a cute chick?

  9. Me2 says:

    These puzzles are always so logical, great game.