Concrete Stairs 2

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Concrete Stairs 2 is the latest Room Escape game from The Shanty of Escape Games, the author of Escape from the Room with a Revolving Gate, Escape from the Room with Glass Walls, Escape from the Mansion with Traps, Escape from the Room with a Glass Case, Regular Polygon Room and more.

Have fun!

By Eric

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8 Comments to Concrete Stairs 2

  1. Ravi says:

    First one out. Cool.

  2. Jeeephil says:


  3. Raika says:

    I need help with the green and black bars.

    • manami says:

      Sorry, Raika, I wanted to reply directly to your post, but it ended up being a new reply on the bottom

  4. manami says:

    The first time I managed to escape a TheShanty game without help! *happy*

  5. manami says:

    Note the Show

    If it doesn’t work, try Show


  6. dg says:

    Some hints:
    Opening the bars at the start: Show

    Green bars: Show

    Bars with number code: Show

    Bars with red/white buttons: Show

  7. hilman says:

    nice for brain gym in the morning ;)