Detarou – Nani Escape

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Nani Escape is the latest Room Escape game from Detarou.

This one features two different endings, and is more difficult than its predecessors.

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 3.00


2 Comments to Detarou – Nani Escape

  1. um says:

    I’m in the second room. Figured out that the different patterns pertain to the swords, Which allow you to open different doors on the cupboards. The 6th cupboard door (2nd row, 3rd door) has some kind of code that I can’t figure out. any help?

  2. Jakub says:

    im in third room. second door in second room have 4 signs. here is how to open it: Show

    in third room, monk fall into trap :) poor guy. and there is big demon head and small demon head with 2 buttons. i have tried everything, but no luck :( still there are 3 gargoyles in first room and 3 strange sign code in one box in second room unsolved. any idea?