Hood – Episode 2

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Hood is a Point’n’Click adventure series developed by Daniel Harris aka Hyptosis, the author of the popular Alice is Dead series.

Good news for the fans, the second installment is now live!

Have fun!

By Eric

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8 Comments to Hood – Episode 2

  1. aliceboy says:

    A little more complicated than the last ep, and still very cool. Look forward to another part!

  2. cierra says:

    omg try stabbing the boat, the lizard, and the wood post next to the lizard, the dead guy and try to hit him with the hammer, just experment like that. you get the funniest responses!! XD

  3. cierra says:

    oh look at the small shrooms at the back view of fish. use the hammer and knife on them hahahaha

  4. cierra says:

    cut up apple get teeth – give to little guy

  5. cierra says:

    code for machine is from top to bottom in the book. thing that looks like an eye, 5 looking thing, 3 verticle dots, E type thing

  6. cierra says:

    1st piece from little guy, 2nd from boat (click around), for third put knife in between metal arm things then give hammer to robot dude outside of fish.

  7. Lauren says:

    Where do you put the gear???