Find the Escape-Men 19: in the Karaoke Room

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Find the Escape-Men 19: in the Karaoke Room is a new Room Escape game from Japanese site No1game.

You must collect 10 Escape-Men and then escape the room.

Just one ending here…

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 4.22


12 Comments to Find the Escape-Men 19: in the Karaoke Room

  1. goldie says:

    Congrats, thnx for posting.

  2. dave says:

    WOW,,,,first time ive completed these games without a walkthrough,,,must be getting clever,,lol,,,,the end is a little tricky but very good game.

  3. Toxic says:

    The end was hilarious! :-D

  4. Lorena says:

    don’t know what to do with the input device

  5. Lorena says:

    never mind, already charging it

  6. aliceboy says:

    Thanks, Lorena, for reminding me of something I meant to do! :P Pretty decent, if it doesn’t necessarily always make sense to me.

  7. shaz says:

    i m so stuck here,no one has said where to charge up device,if it the thing next to sofa nothing is happening i have all the men,and still got microphone and tv is on

  8. osmodiar says:

    Find all 10 men:Show

    The RestShow

  9. shaz says:

    ty osmodiar it was the charger under de sofa i was missing,

  10. PvP says:

    ‘Ten men’ seems to become easier…