Factory 112 – Home Sweet Home

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Home Sweet Home is a nice, quick and easy Room Escape game from Japanese website  Factory 112.

The door handle is missing. Find it and get out!

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 3.00


9 Comments to Factory 112 – Home Sweet Home

  1. nick says:

    yes,nice and easy.cute graphics though…

  2. *.* says:

    Is it categorized as a 5 minute game because non Japanese reading players give up after 5 minutes of not being able to do anything?

  3. Wendy says:

    Problem is you need to look at things in the right order. Once you do that it’s easy.


    • *.* says:

      Never worked for me. I could open the pencil but not take the lead. I prefer room escapes with more interaction.

      • maekho says:

        Same for me, lookt att the pencil 500 times but still can’t get the lead. So… The times you look at it won’t change a thing. It has to be something else.

      • manami says:

        You don’t need the lead, Show

  4. PvP says:

    Very easy game and you don’t have to understand Japanese

  5. manami says:

    Oh, and it’s only the beginning of more escape games to come – basically a prologue