Turtle Pool

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Turtle PoolTurtle PoolTurtle Pool is a clone of Crazy Pool, where the goal is to remove all the turtles from the pool. To do so, simply hit two turtles of the same color together to make them disappear.

Use your mouse to click the white turtle, hold on the left button and drag to aim and reach the desired power; then release the mouse button to shot.

Each stage is timed and you have only 60 seconds to clear the pool.

Turtle Pool is a fun Pool game, although not as fun as Crazy Pool. Perfect for kids or for a 5 minute break.

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Have fun!

By Eric

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3 Comments to Turtle Pool

  1. mytrainistearingdownthetrack... says:

    lotta bugs

  2. jessa is wat they call me on gaia online (of course) says:

    u thank? is this game reallly fun????

  3. kiki says:

    I dont know how to play it! What should I Do for it?????