Abroy – Small Workshop Mystery

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After Old Pottery Secret, here is Small Workshop Mystery, the latest Room Escape game from Abroy.

“You are trapped in a old creepy wood workshop, make your way out using different tools and solving various puzzles.”

Have fun!

By Eric

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10 Comments to Abroy – Small Workshop Mystery

  1. Raika says:

    I have


    Have no idea what to do next.

  2. Raika says:


    found a Show

    BTW, for anyone having trouble with the Show

    However, it’s very hard to see so if you’re having trouble seeing it…


  3. ann says:


    9114 the number puzzle on the drawers the one that looks like it should be a year or something

  4. neocro says:

    Hi everyboody…

    got everything except the number-puzzel (upper right compartment ).
    i don’t know how it is solved.

    • Andy says:

      It’s a math puzzle. The columns and rows have to add up.

      For instance, if there are 2 cells that add up to 17 (like in the bottom right), then they have to be 8 and 9. So the 13 row next to it has to either be 5 and 8 or 4 and 9.

      However, it can’t be a 5 because that column has to add up to 7 with three cells, so 5 would have to be 5/1/1, but we can’t duplicate.

  5. Susanne says:

    On the math problem; could you please revard us with the goodies for any correct answer please? Hard to know exactley what combo YOU have thought of..please :)

  6. Lilsis says:

    i got nooo ideaaaa how to do the maths 1 i got confused on it and what he/she said so can u do the thing for us please like 4and2=2 …. yeah like something like that i did not know what you said :P

  7. Lilsis says:

    and i need help with the iii’s i don’t know how to do it