Checkmate Room Escape

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Checkmate Room Escape is a nice looking Room Escape game developed by Ahmed El-Monofy. For an unknown reason, you find yourself locked in an unknown place.

The Tab key is active in this one, and the file’s size is 21MB, so be patient while the game is loading!

Have fun!

By Eric

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37 Comments to Checkmate Room Escape

  1. foreverslow says:

    Ok so I am totally stuck and have no idea what to do next.

    So far I have:

    Anyone gotten any further?

  2. allikka says:

    The lighter Show

    You can use the white cloth to Show

  3. Cele says:

    lighter: take a closer look Show

    glass with water: Show

  4. allikka says:

    Anybody got the blue ball?

  5. Cele says:

    stuck with: Show

  6. foreverslow says:

    Thanks for the tips on the lighter.

    I now have Show

    I also got Show

    but I have no idea how or why, I just kept clicking.

    And I have no idea what the Show

    I am truly rubbish at this!!

  7. Cele says:

    oh and Show

  8. allikka says:

    The red book Show

    The brown handle and two sticks Show

  9. allikka says:

    The hint in the book, the needle used on the soccer ball + some other object should give the blue ball… I just can’t find that mystery thing… :(

    The checkboard and the cover in the cupboard Show

  10. Cele says:


    put the scribbly thing Show

    and use the brown handle with Show

  11. Cele says:

    wow, great, allikka :-)

  12. foreverslow says:

    @ Cele

    Thanks but I have no idea what or where to find the scribbly thing! LOL.

  13. allikka says:

    @foreverslow it’s in the right flower pot

  14. foreverslow says:

    Thanks allikka – I thought that was a rock, hehehehe

  15. Cele says:

    ok, got now a Show

    beside that I have are Show

  16. Max says:

    also found Show

  17. robstar says:

    How is the Code for the clock? I don’t get it… (I know its from the ashtray)

    • Sol says:

      Thanks for the hint :)

      So the correct time is

  18. Cele says:

    on the cd Show

    so i tried Show

    but that didn’t work :-(

  19. Cele says:

    put the balls Show

    gives you Show

    so I’m stuck in the same place as before: Show

    • scott says:

      Blue ball/soccer ball/needle


  20. Cele says:

    found the key with clue from EG24:


  21. adam says:

    where is the needle…???

  22. Cele says:

    and out – the rest is easy.
    thank you all for your help :-)

  23. foreverslow says:

    Thanks Cele, would never have thought to look there.

  24. goldie says:

    Congratsss, thnx allll.

  25. Drewwerd says:

    How do you make the cane/hook/stick extend?

  26. fishiee says:

    i am lost in how to fill the glass with water!!!!!!

  27. goldie says:

    Fishiee, you can go to the watertank by the door, to fill your glas.

  28. Marzena says:

    WHat is the computer password?

  29. Marzena says:

    Where are the stick/hook thing…

  30. Marzena says:

    Where is the yellow ball?

  31. FB says:

    i cant get the code. how can i extract any code from red book????

  32. FB says:

    for getting blue ball:Show

    for finding the end key:Show