Monkey GO Happy 4

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Monkey GO Happy 4 is the latest installment in the Monkey GO Happy series created by Robin Vencel, the author of the Popular Bowja the Ninja series.

Your goal in this family friendly Point’n’Click Puzzle game remains the same: click objects and do other stuffs with your mouse to make the Monkey(s) GO Happy!

If you enjoyed the previous episodes, you will love this one as well!

Have fun!

Monkey GO Happy 4 walkthrough (Thanks EMMZ!)

By Eric

current rating 4.39


21 Comments to Monkey GO Happy 4

  1. Andy says:

    I enjoy these games. I know some kids love them too.

    I can’t find the flower in the last scene…

  2. tukols says:

    I have all ingredients, but fail in mixing.

    • EMMZ says:

      there’s a scroll, unfold it and it tells u how much 2 put in and then stir at end and makes banana bigger

  3. EMMZ says:

    What’s the code to the door in the scene with the candy? put in the order of the numbers on the screen and nothing!! HELP!!

    • Lauren says:

      Hey EMMZ! I found it in the walkthrough on the HGM4 site. Had to tweak the web address since the CLICK HERE FOR PAGE 2 OF WALKTHROUGH was not click-able. Code is Show

  4. hermann says:

    what is it with your ?new? layout on firefox / linux doesnt show embedded flash-applets anymore. the applets are running but simply not inside the canvas but instead they are displayed outside of the frame to the right, which means they are hidden.

    is it a bug in your css?

    • Eric says:

      I didn’t notice anything wrong with Windows. Did you experience the same issue using a different browser?

      • Me2 says:

        Hi Eric, I am actually having the same problem as Hermann. I use Firefox or Mozilla. When the page opens the game is at the far right side but there is no scroll bar along the bottom of the page. I have to click on a very narrow band of color on the far right which then scrolls the page to the right so that I can open the game. Not sure what is going on, but it is one extra click so no big deal at all. Thanks for years of gaming fun!!

      • Eric says:

        Could you guys please send me a screen shot so that I figure out what’s wrong? Thank you.

    • Fanny says:

      Maybe you could try enlarging your view by zooming out? Might help but dunno *shrug*

  5. shwuishu says:

    I am stuck on scene 13. I don’t know what to do with the spade. Help!

  6. babs says:

    Note: Not too good for trackpads–really slow reaction time when aiming the pistol.

  7. EMMZ says:

    Ok I’m gonna attempt my 1st ever walkthrough!

    Stage 1


    (Clicks 3)

    Stage 2


    (Clicks 6)

    Stage 3


    (Clicks 24)

    Stage 4


    (Clicks 34)

    Stage 5


    (Clicks 58)

    Stage 6


    (Clicks 82)

    Stage 7


    (Clicks 95)

    Stage 8


    (Clicks 116)

    Stage 9


    (Clicks 130)

    Stage 10


    (Clicks 204)

    Stage 11


    (Clicks 215)

    Stage 12


    (Clicks 226)

    Stage 13


    (Clicks 240)

    Stage 14


    (Clicks 254)

    Stage 15


    (Clicks 277)

    FINAL STAGE (Candy Stage)


    Huge thanks to Lauren for door code!!

    Final click score is 77.

    This is the best I could do. I know you can finish game on less clicks but this is how I finished it. Good luck!

    • EMMZ says:

      On stage 1 you only have to Show

  8. kirra says:

    on the level before final stage i didn’t read this and put in random then i put in right aount and it doesn’t work after i stir it i tried again and still nothing and i don’t want to go through the whole game again just to reset so i try again

  9. kirra says:

    nevermind i found out how… jeez im dumb sometimes lol

  10. ME!!! says:

    the 1st 3rd 5th and 7th buttons on level 11 dont work with me. can someone post apic of the buttons to press? thx