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Stealth is the latest Room Escape game released at Gotmail, where you can play all IDAC’s games (Stared, Trace, Meisoh, The Pool, Escaper, The Life, Dot Room, Scratch, Capsule, Red House, Eco Room to name a few)!

For an unknown reason unless you read Japanese, you find yourself locked in an unknown place. Look around for useful items and eventually find a way to escape from “Stealth”! In Japanese only.

Have fun!

Update: 04.13.12. Stealth is now available in English!

By Eric

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12 Comments to Gotmail – Stealth

  1. Jeeephil says:


  2. Jeeephil says:


  3. job3:14 says:

    Impossible if you don’t master japanese…

  4. WonderWorm says:

    Confused about the microwave code. Show

    I also have a knife and I’ve put a teacup under the hot water dispenser, but I can’t operate it.

  5. Shrike says:

    Found some more stuff.
    By the hot water dispenser:
    You can move the last piece of food out of the tray and lift up the bottom to find a code…

    No clue what it’s about, though. Doesn’t work for the lockbox or microwave.

    You can use the knife:

    There’s also the usual thing with the curtains. I don’t think it needs to be spoilered, but Show

    I’m not sure what to do here… codes won’t work, and lighting the candles doesn’t seem to help either.

  6. Totenkopf says:

    the code is for microwave Show

    • WonderWorm says:

      Huh? The microwave doesn’t have numbers, and it only has 7 buttons, which can’t be repeated.

  7. eric k says:

    found wire behind picture frame

  8. kwang says:

    View the wire and press it again it will become “S” shape. But don’t know where I can use it.

  9. kwang says:

    Fianlly I got the message “To stop the bomb enter goal!” but I still cannot unlock the cell phone. Anyone knows how to stop the bomb?

  10. Evi says:

    I mostly like gotmail-games,
    but this one was to difficult…