A Bark in the Dark

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A Bark in the DarkA Bark in the DarkA Bark in the Dark is a new Room Escape game created by Bart Bonte, (The Bonte Room Series, Seen on Screen, Fields of Logic, Loose the Moose) for the third Casual Gameplay Flash Game Design Competition hosted at Jayisgames.

As usual with Bart Bonte’s work, A Bark in the Dark is nicely done and features only logical puzzles.

Not really difficult, A Bark in the Dark should keep you busy for 15 minutes or so.

Have fun!

Update: walkthrough in comment #3 (thanks Sara!)

By Eric

current rating 2.43


30 Comments to A Bark in the Dark

  1. Courtney says:


  2. ale says:

    got the code! now what?

  3. Sara! says:

    Walkthrough ( I didn’t write it)

  4. Megan says:

    got it! that was fun and easy!

  5. mammis says:

    Aww, cute! Completet w/o walkthrough, thats good for being me.

  6. dunit719 says:

    Not too bad of a game. The only thing i didn’t figure out right away was what to do with the code.

  7. Christen says:


  8. cool kid says:

    whats the code that you have to put into the phone?
    please tell? =D

  9. Sara! says:

    The code changes each game I think. It was created for replay value.

  10. ash says:

    in the arcade game what does it mean when it says reversed with the arrow

  11. Sara! says:

    It means if the order is left middle middle right, you push it in reverse, right middle middle left

  12. ZOMFGZZ , its BEEE :) says:

    In the second “level” of the mouse-feeding , how do i do it? O_O

  13. Ashlee hart says:


  14. adele says:

    except that the code you get at the endo f the game is different for each person each time

  15. nitrox says:

    meh, it was alright but the thing with the mice was cool but for the first 2 lvls after that i was getting bored

  16. milly says:


  17. slaxxgurl says:

    the dog is sooo cute! hahaha :P

  18. sarah says:


    is the code

  19. katt says:

    no its not its a different 1 every time

  20. jimmm says:

    I got the code, its Show

  21. bob says:

    damn! I klost my game to say I did it. :P now I can’t! Owwww… my fingers are numb with col-ness

  22. AwesomefOOL says:

    all i have is wood, mouse food, a sculpture, and a dog bone, i dont know what to do now?
    can anyone explain the WHOLE walkthrough for this?

  23. Britt says:















    Hope this helps.

  24. Britt says:

    Edit for step 4 of the above walkthrough: Put empty glass inside of mouse cage.

  25. Britt says:

    Every game has a different code.

  26. Tyler says:

    It took a bit of time,but I did it! I love it when the mouse flies and hits the vase!

  27. teii says:

    love it!! haha. i escaped!!

  28. Shannon says:

    how do u do the second light level in the garden?? please help as i am confuzzled ^.^

  29. Hokubella says:

    i cant pass level nine;(

  30. Heather says:

    ok, i finished the game. officially i am seeing puple spots in the shape of light bulbs, i have a headache from all that barking and i never want to see a dog that looks like a puppet again!
    but that hampster was funny =)
    annoying music at the end though *screams holding head and runs away*